2013 KTM MOTOCROSS BIKES: 50SX, 65SX, 85SX, 125/150SX, 250SX, 350SXF & 450SXF

June 27, 2012
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2013 KTM 125/150SX
Benefiting mostly from the plastic, chassis and running gear changes (shared among every model), the 125SX and 150SX do not get any engine mods for 2013.

2013 KTM 250SX
The 2013 two-strokes get U.S. spec suspension settings, including the shorter shock lengths for the first time. Additionally, the 250SX get stiffer fork springs, DDS (Damped Diaphragm Steel) clutch, Moto Tassinari VForce4 reed block and all-orange plastic. The two-strokes do not get the stiffer head tube reinforcing or thinner frame cradle tubes that the four-strokes get (because they don’t need them).

All the 2013 bikes will get the larger 25mm rear axle (accessed by a 32mm nut) and the beefed-up one-piece cast swingarm.  The spokes are anodized black.

The 250SX two-stroke will get the diaphragm clutch from the 450SXF. It uses a single Belleville washer-style spring, steel basket and is 5.5mm narrower than the previous coil spring clutch. Plus, it gets a new clutch cover.

Visible in this photo is the new thread-on gas cap, which uses very unique internal threads, the redesigned triple clamps, taller Renthal 827 Fat Bars and two-tone grips.

The KTM two-strokes get KTM’s almost bulletproof nylon silencer hanger system. All of the KTM’s, two-and four-stroke, are two-meter-max legal.

2013 KTM 250SXF
The new engine is the big news, but the 2013 KTM 250SXF also has a six-speed tranny that operates via a steel basket, coil spring, hydraulic clutch. The counter balancer shares the same shaft as the water pump and timing chain to save weight. The engine will not accept optional kickstarting (as it did last year). The 250SXF and 350SXF get new head pipes, plus tapered mid-pipes and muffler cores.

The KTM 250SXF engine is built on all-new engine cases and gets its inspiration from the KTM 350SXF engine. The exhaust system gets a resonance chamber (as does the 350SXF). All of the KTM’s are two-meter-max legal. All the 2013 frames are painted gun metal gray.  The 2013 KTM 250SXF shares very little with last year’s engine. The DOHC, titanium-valved, finger follower engine has larger port areas, 1.6mm larger intake valves (now 32.5mm), bridged-boxed piston, 2mm bigger bore and 2.5mm shorter stroke. The 250SXF rev limiter is set at 13,400 rpm. The horsepower is claimed to be five more ponies than last year.

Graced with billet hubs, Excel rims and a powerful 260mm Brembo front brake, the KTM’s dominate the braking categories.

2013 KTM 350SXF
Every 2013 KTM will have the gun metal gray frame, all-orange plastic, I-beam front fender and Renthal 827 bars. The four-strokes also get gussetted head tubes (via an X-brace inside the head tube gussetting), thinner wall frame cradles and lighter linkage bolts. The 350SXF engine gets a new cylinder head, enlarged water jacket, Pankl rod, resonance chamber and high-tech die-cast cases. The EFI throttle body has been enlarged from 42mm to 44mm.

The bodywork is derived from the “Ryan Dungey Replica.” The air box is new.

2013 KTM 450SXF
Based on the “Factory Edition” model used by Ryan Dungey, the 2013 450SXF is fuel injected (with a 44mm throttle body), has a different bore and stroke than last year (95mm x 63.4mm compared to 97mm x 60.8mm), a Konig bridge-boxed piston, Pankl rod and crank, and plain bearing on the big-end. The 450SXF does not have the resonance chamber that it had last year. All of the 2013 KTM four-strokes get additional and improved fuel filters ? inline, at the fuel pump and at the injector body. The European models get four-speed transmissions with 14/50 gearing, while the American models get five-speed trannies with 14/52 gearing.

The KTM 450SXF gets firmer damping front and rear, especially in the midstroke compared to previous models. The spring rate front and rear remains the same, as does the rising rate linkage.

2013 KTM 85SX

2013 KTM 65SX

2013 KTM 50SX


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