September 1, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? When Honda released the 2013 CRF450, every loyal Honda owner was thrilled by the possibilities of a new machine. What they weren’t thrilled about was that Honda moved the countershaft sprocket over 3.8mm, which required the rear hub to be widened by 3.8mm. True, Honda got more clearance between the chain and rear tire and everything lined up perfectly, but every Honda racer who owned an expensive set of Kite, TCR, Talon, RAD or Haan spare wheels was out of luck. He couldn’t use them on the 2013-14 CRF450.

WHAT’S IT COST? $128.95.

CONTACT? or (503) 830-6433.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the CRFStuff offset CRF450 rear sprocket.

(1) Problem. Since the 2013-14 Honda rear hub was widened by 3.8mm to allow a straight chain line with the relocated countershaft sprocket, if you try to put a 2004 through 2012 stock Honda wheel or aftermarket wheel made for those years on the 2013-14 bike, it will throw the chain, break the cases and cost beaucoup bucks to fix.

(2) Solution. CRFStuff developed a dished and offset rear sprocket that realigns the drivetrain of the CRF450. All a racer has to do is bolt the CRFStuff offset sprocket onto his old wheels and they will work with the 2013 running gear.

(3) Teeth. At the moment, CRFStuff only offers their offset sprocket with the stock 48 teeth, but if there is enough demand, they will CNC-machine 49-tooth versions.

(4) Manufacture.
Making a sprocket that is dished 3.8mm means that you have to start with raw material that is at least 3.8mm thicker. That is the easy part. Then you have to mill away the majority of the extra thickness so that only the teeth are 3.8mm wider. The rest of the sprocket has to fit to the older-style rear hub. CRFStuff uses 7075 aluminum alloy.

(5) Performance. The MXA wrecking crew has a bevy of spare Honda wheels, and we weren’t happy when they were made obsolete. We installed a CRFStuff 48-tooth sprocket on our 2013 CRF450 and were totally satisfied. Not only could we use last year’s wheels, but the chain line was perfect.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Price. At $128.95, the price may seem steep, but these are special-use, one-off, handmade sprockets. The price is justified by the rarity of the product and the extra work required to make it. Plus, if you have a $750 aftermarket rear wheel in your garage, $128.95 isn’t too much to ask to make it usable.

For hard core racers with spare wheels going to waste, the CRFStuff offset sprocket is a lifesaver. A great product for a select group of racers.


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