January 29, 2014
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This bike is based on the one that Roger DeCoster had the factory build for Ryan Dungey when he first came to KTM in 2012. It was such a success that each winter (for three years now), special editions of the bike that Dungey races have been released to the public (and also to Ryan Dungey). For 2014 the 450 SXF Factory Edition III will be raced by teammates Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen in the AMA Supercross and National series?plus by the Rockstar team of Davi Millsaps and Ivan Tedesco and the BTO team of Matt Goerke and Andrew Short. Oh yeah, we almost forget, the Factory Edition III will also be raced by a handful of lucky local racers who get their hands on one of the limited edition models.

MXA is currently testing our Factory Edition III for a future issue, but here is a chance to see it up close.

New lighter rear orange anodized sprocket, Dunlop Geomax MX52 racing tires and black Excel rims with machined finished hubs ? plus, these are true-to-life Excel rims.


(1) The frame geometry has been changed by moving the front axle rearward 2mm (via the axle clamp as opposed to triple clamp offset).

(2) Gone are the WP forks of 2014 and in their place are all-new WP 4CS forks?which, although they are still made by WP, have a totally different damping system.

(3) The shock has 4mm more stroke, but the travel and ride height are unchanged because there is a new rising rate. The rate will start a little stiffer at the beginning of the stroke and be less progressive as the rear wheel travels upward. Additionally, the linkage pull rod is 2.5mm longer and the bell crank is CNC-machined from billet.

(4) The exhaust system is an Akrapovic titanium slip-on unit with a removable spark arrestor.

(5) The KTM 450SXF-FE is the first production bike to be equipped with the new Dunlop Geomax MX52 tires. These tires are based on the works tires used by the factory riders and feature staggered center knobs, variable knob height on the side knobs, anti-bounce rubber in the sidewalls and knob-within-knob transition knobs.

(6) In a series of weight saving moves, KTM knocked 1.3 pounds off the Factory Edition III with lighter brake rotors, fork guards, forks, shock linkage, rear sprocket, steer stem nut and a forged cross tube under the frame.

(7) KTM is aware that their suspension settings have been their Achilles Heel in the past and, for the Factory Edition III, they have taken major steps to fix that. The complete suspension system, front and rear, has been revised. The 4CS forks are a totally new design, although a softer and shorter travel version has been tested on KTM’s enduro bikes. The new forks are very creative, 6 ounces lighter, use lighter overall spring rates (0.48 versus 0.50) and have the compression damping in one leg and rebound damping in the other. Meanwhile out back, the shock has been revalved, had its stroke increased and is bolted to an all-new rising rate linkage.

(8) Historically, Factory Editions have been precursors of next year’s production bikes. Which means that it would be logical to assume that the 2015 KTMs will get the new 4CS forks, Geomax MX52 tires, billet-machined rising rate linkage, smaller front axle, new axle offset and lighter brake rotors. They most likely will not get the orange powder-coated frame, Akrapovic exhaust, black anodized Excel rims (although we do not expect the 2015 KTM’s to come with their current fake Excels), gold anodized triple clamps, front brake rotor guard, holeshot device, orange rear sprocket, Red Bull graphics or blue Selle Dalla Valle seat cover.

(9) KTM never liked that everybody called the 2012 and 2013 450SXF the “Ryan Dungey Replica” so now it doesn’t carry Ryan’s trademark number 5 anymore.

(10) The suggested retail price of the 2014 KTM 450SXF Factory Edition III is $9899.

The orange anodized triple clamp has the factory look and includes special Neken engraving. The O-ring support for the lower bearing on the steering stem has been revised and is now made of aluminum to save 22 grams. The steering stem bolt is now 8 grams lighter. The Factory Edition comes with an orange powder coated frame and exclusive Factory Red Bull KTM racing graphics.

The front axle has been reduced in size from 25mm to 20mm to reduce weight by 40 grams and the axle offset has been adjusted from 35mm to 33mm. This change increases the trail and provides more stability. The front fork guards have also been adapted to the fork lugs and feature a new 50 gram lighter weight design.

The shock features an increase of 4mm of shaft travel while maintaining the same amount of wheel travel thanks to a new linkage package. The linkage’s frame mounting point are forged and machined to the cross over tube for a stronger, lighter and more stable mounting point. The WP shock has also been re-valved to match the new chassis package. The new design linkage is 15 grams lighter and the pull rod is 2.5 mm longer and also 26 grams lighter. The revised rising rate utilizes a higher starting rate and provides a flatter, less progressive curve.

New Dunlop Geomax MX52 racing tires are a first for any production bike. The block-within-a-block design of the side knobs offers more progressive cornering action and aids in slide control, while the staggered distribution of center blocks  spreads the load on the tire and helps with impact damping and stability, especially in whoops and hard-pack conditions. Something that Dunlop calls “Enhanced Carcass Tension Control System” (CTCS) utilizes flexibility derived from from recesses placed strategically along the tire carcass to help smooth out ride characteristics. “Controlled-rebound” rubber element in the sidewall helps to damp out bounce over whoops and choppy ground.

The fork is a completely new fork designed for motocross; WP 4CS fork featuring the patented four chamber design and allows for easy compression and rebound adjustments on the top of the fork tube. One leg handles rebound and the other compression. The 4CS fork provides improved and more consistent MX damping capabilities allowing the use of lighter 0.48Nm springs. In total the fork is 177 grams lighter than the previous WP fork.

Total weight savings of 591 grams (1.3 pounds).

A forged and machined cross over tube at the rear of the frame (the tube that the shock linkage bolts to) is now made from one forged piece that is CNC-machined into shape. Previously it was a chromoly tube that had the linkage brackets welded on. The forged piece is more rigid and the linkage mounting is more precise.

The previous cross over tube was a chromoly tube with the linkage mounting tabs welded it.

The 450SXF engine is unchanged between the existing 2014 450SXF model and the 2014 450SXF Factory Edition III.


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