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June 15, 2013
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2014 Suzuki RM-Z450.
For 2014, the Suzuki RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 feature updated ECM ignition programs that improve starting, as well as race-inspired Champion Yellow-and-black graphics to best fit each bike’s high-performance character.

2014 Suzuki RM-Z450.
“By delivering these refinements for 2014, the Suzuki RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 will continue to lead their classes,” said Derek Schoeberle, Product Media Relations Manager for SMAI. “These products are proof that manufacturing and selling category-leading motorcycles takes more than just one year. A combination of superior development, proven craftsmanship, and ongoing owner support helps Suzuki, its dealers and its riders earn multiple championships.”
The 2014 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 retain the “Champion Approved” features and performance that have lead racers nationwide to select yellow motorcycles as their racing equipment. For years, top racers have chosen to ride Suzuki, including Yoshimura Suzuki rider James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael, whose RCH Racing team competes on Suzuki RM-Zs.

2014 Suzuki RM-Z250.
With endorsements like that, Suzuki proves that choosing an RM-Z is the best decision a racer can make. Amateur and pro racers nationwide are increasingly opting for Suzuki RM-Z motorcycles; both the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 continue to increase their share of race entries each of the last four years. Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. will soon announce its detailed race-support offerings for the coming season. 

2014 Suzuki RM-Z250.

Suzuki pioneered MX fuel-injection with the 2008 RM-Z450, and it quickly became the first fuel-injected motorcycle to win the AMA SX Championship. Suzuki motocross bikes are renowned for superior on-track handling, as well as the company’s industry-leading race support. By offering more contingency-reward money than any other manufacturer, and giving racers bikes that help them win, Suzuki will remain the right choice for motocross racers, whether that’s Ricky Carmichael or the young rider who is striving to be the best. The 2014 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 are expected to begin arrive in dealership in July.


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