June 30, 2013
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The all-new layout of the seat, fuel tank, air box, and wrap-around exhaust system moves the bike’s mass towards the center for exceptional handling. And, in addition to an all-new appearance, the front intake layout with larger air ?lter element adds the bene?t of reduced air ?lter maintenance due to its positioning away from dirt roost from the rear wheel.

Yamaha has led the modern motocross bike movement, beginning with the YZ400F in 1998 and continuing in 2001 with the YZ250F. Not content with that, the needle was moved again with the introduction of the revolutionary 2010 YZ450F, with its unique rearward-slanted engine design and “swapped” intake and exhaust layout. Still, Yamaha is not a company to rest on past achievements.

For 2014, the YZ450F is all new from the ground up, using the previous award-winning engine layout and then taking it to a whole new level with an all-new engine, chassis, suspension, unmatched mass centralization and look that will define the next generation of motocross bikes.

The four titanium valve cylinder head is matched to a newly recalibrated fuel injection system to provide superb power across the rpm range. The adjustable fuel injection system uses a 44mm throttle body fed by a high pressure battery-less fuel pump. The air/fuel calibration can be easily changed with the GYTR programmer. The valves are enlarged and the cam profile for the intake has been modified. The valve mechanism, ports, ignition timing and fuel injection mapping have all been meticulously revised to improved combustion. The new powerband has a strong feeling from 3rd gear and up, while new gear ratios lengthen the powerband and heighten the feeling of power in 2nd and 3rd gear.

The 2014 YZ450F was designed with the racer in mind. Enormous power on tap whenever and wherever you need it, but still with the control required to put in smooth, fast laps, and KYB SSS suspension that encourages you to go faster and hit bumps harder, all in pursuit of beating your competition. Not to mention the world-renowned durability that is second to none, insuring that you will be out at the track week in and week out.

The machine has a slimmer feeling between the rider’s legs because the fuel tank mass is closer to the center of the bike. Furthermore, the air box can now be accessed without removing the fuel tank for easy serviceability of the new larger air cleaner element.

The exhaust pipe has three different diameters throughout its length. This new snake pipe layout allows the silencer to be positioned 186mm further forward.

The hidden gas cap. Fuel capacity has been increased from 6.2 liters 7.5 liters.

The handlebar mounts offer four positions and are rubber mounted. For 2014, the steering head pipe is moved 10mm closer to the rider, making for a more compact chassis dimension and placing more weight bias on the front wheel which translates to an even more precise character. Plus the front wheel uses a larger 22mm front axle.

The subframe is angled to make room for the snake pipe.


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