August 20, 2013
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The CRF125F replaces the CRF80F and shares the same seat height of 28.9 inches, while the CRF125F Big Wheel replaces the CRF100F and offers the same 30.9-inch seat height.

The 2014 CRF125F, in both mini and big wheel models, will enter the Honda lineup to replace the CRF100F. The CRF125F not only features a larger engine capacity, but its air-cooled four-speed engine has been tuned specifically to give plenty of novice-friendly bottom-end torque. The addition of electric start also makes life easier for young riders.

The 125cc SOHC engine is tuned for strong bottom-end torque that builds in a linear fashion through the midrange up to the top end.

The four-speed gearbox is well matched to the CRF125F/FB’s broad power spread, while the new electric starter adds convenience over the kick-start only CRF80F and CRF100F models.

The two CRF125F models offer unique wheel sizes that allow them to replace the CRF80F and CRF100F. With a seat height of 28.9 inches, the small-wheel CRF125F seat is the same height as the CRF80F it replaces, while the CRF125F Big Wheel features the same seat height?30.9 inches?as the CRF100F it replaces. This seat-height option allows riders to pick the CRF125F that fits best them.

The front forks have 31mm legs, while the new hydraulic front disc brake has a 220mm rotor.

The rear drum brake has 95mm diameter.

The CRF125F features an all-new, electric-start, 125cc, single-cylinder, OHC four-stroke engine tuned for low-end grunt plus plenty of pull throughout the powerband, the CRF125Fs also feature a four-speed gearbox. Add a new rolling chassis with upgraded suspension  components front and rear plus styling just like Honda’s CRF motocross bikes, and you have a great addition to Honda’s off-road line of family machines with a bike for all riders?young to old, beginner to expert. Suggested retail pricing is $2799 (CRF125F) and $3199 (CRF125F Big Wheel). They will be in the dealerships in September.


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