February 5, 2016
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MXAMARCH2016COVERThe March 2016 issue has the 2016-1/2 Factory Edition sharing the cover with the 2016 Husqvarna FC350 and 2016 YZ125 two-stroke. See more about what’s inside this magazine below.

MARCH16HUSKYFC350You probably heard that Husqvarna sales jumped 32% between their first year under KTM control and this year. Read this revealing Husky FC350 test to see how they could grow even more in the future.

MACR16TM450MXWe didn’t get our 2016 TM 450FI-MX in time for the 2016 MXA 450 Shootout and that’s probably okay because TM USA doesn’t have plans to import very many 450s in 2016.

MARCH16YZ125You can’t help but giggle when you are blasting around a motocross track on the 2016 YZ125. It’s so much fun to ride that you forget how slow 10-year-old tiddlers are.

MARCH16YZ450FXYamaha is the only one of the Big Fourto show any life in the offoad market. The new 2016 Yamaha YZ450FX offroad model is one of three offroad bikes in the Yamaha line-up.

MARCH16SUZRM125It is hard to resist the urge to bring an old Suzuki RM125 back to life. Our $700 2006 RM was a labor of love. You don’t have to spend the kind of cash we did on ours, but you can follow our steps to get any old bird flying again.

MARCH16RACEREADTYZ450FThe MXA wrecking crew likes the Yamaha YZ450F, especially the suspension and hard-hitting, high-rpm powerband, but we had lots of quibbles with the rest of the bike. With the help of Doug Dubach and Joe Gibbs we set out to fix the bulky size, cranky handling and odd feel. It only took 20 steps.

MARCH16CLASSIXYZ125CMXA’s Tom White went looking for a 1976 Yamaha YZ125C to profile. He looked far and wide. No, just kidding. He walked into his museum and found one sitting there waiting for him.

MARCH16RICKYCARMICHAELWe sent John Basher to the Carmichael farm to spend a few days with Ricky Carmichael. They talked about everything you always wanted to know.

MARCH16MXPERTSLooking  for tech help, insider info and clear explanations about the technology of motocross? Ask the MXperts.

MARCH16TYLARATTRAYTyla called it quits on his long career after the 2015 Grand Prix season. We wanted to give him a chance to say goodbye to his fans and revisit the highlights of his career.

MARCH16GLOBETROTWhen Broc Glover (above), Chuck Sun, Danny Laporte, Robbie Reynard, Jeff Stanton and Jeff Matiasevich decided to race again—we had to be there (even though it was in Italy). Plus, we sent Dennis Stapleton to a foreign country to race (no surprise there) and went to the “Day In The Dirt” too.

MARCH16BAREBONESBones Bacon has a fly fishing epiphany. It wasn’t about fishing as much as suspension setup.

MARCH16FORKWORKSWe absolutely hated our 2016 Suzuki TAC forks. We jumped through hoops to fix them…and we did.

MARCH15SIDIEXTREMESidi has a new boot. It is a blend of the Charger model and the Crossfire 2. It’s less expensive, a lot lighter and bristling with bells of whistles.

MARCH16DREAMJOBSYou may not know Ryan Pursley, Rob Geiger or Eric Phipps, but you know the work they do.

MARCH16FADEDGLORYDo you remember when Nathan Ramsey won a 450 Supercross? Sure you do. It was 2002. He was the second-ever four-stroke rider to win (after Doug Henry five years earlier) and the first ever winner on a CRF450.


If you had subscribed to MXA, the March 2016 issue would have been placed in your mailbox by the reliable hands of a uniformed agent of the U.S. Government. And you should want to subscribe so you could read all the details of the the TM450FI-MX, Yamaha YZ125, Husky FC350, Yamaha YZ450FX offroad bike  and find out how much money we spent making a 10-year-old RM125 two-stroke new. Or, you can wait for these tests to appear on the internet…in a couple months. Your choice.

Do you subscribe to MXA? You should. We know that you think that print magazines are dead and that the internet will fill the void, but most of the stuff in the current issue of MXA won’t appear on the web for several months, if at all. Luckily, you can get all of MXA on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android by going to the Apple Store, Amazon or Google play, but better yet get the Digital desktop version at https://hi-torque.com/product/motocross-action-digital-edition/ for $9.99 a year.

The MXA test riders prefer the print version and not just because it is delivered by a uniformed employee of the U.S. Government, but because for only $15.99 you get 12 issues and a free $25 Gift Card from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. That means that there is a profit to be made in this deal for you. For the Print magazine go to: http://hi-torque.com/product/subscribe-to-motocross-action-magazine/




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