March 12, 2011
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What’s in the April 2011 issue of MXA? A giant story on what’s right and what’s wrong with Supercross. A test of Dean Wilson all-powerful and super-exotic Pro Circuit KX250F. How to install an aftermarket clutch basket (it’s not as simple as it sounds). The secrets of oxygenated gas. A test of the 2011 Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke….plus much more. Look below for more details.

What can’t you live without at the races? We asked 45 racers, mechanics, test riders and industry big-wigs what they take with them to every race. See what Mike LaRocco, Weston Peick, Brett Metcalfe, Tyla Rattray, Davi Millsaps, Nick Wey, Cole Seely, Tim Ferry and Erik Kehoe can’t live without.

Pro Circuit’s race bikes are the gold standard of American professional motocross. They are rarer than hen’s teeth and nobody except the team riders get to throw a leg over them…except for the MXA wrecking crew. We have tested every Pro Circuit bike back to Craig Dale’s 1979 Husky CR125.
Read what it’s like to ride Dean Wilson’s steed.

Jody claims that he can see the future by looking into the crystal ball of the past. Do we believe him? He makes a compelling case in a story titled “Things That Aren’t Here Anymore.” A must-read for people who think that the future looks bright.

Not every MXA test rider shows up to test ride the latest whiz-bang four-stroke, but they all show up to race the 2011 Yamaha YZ125. Why? Because there is nothing like good handling, great suspension and wide-open pinball attack on a motocross track.

Do you have a favorite MXA cover? The MXA wrecking crew does. We picked our 37 favorites out of the 455 we had to choose from. We tell a little story about each one.

Don’t have the time or energy to read a long drawn-out shootout? No problem. MXA distilled it’s 250 four-stroke and 450 four-stroke shootouts down to one page each. We couldn’t make it easier.

We put Kyle Cunningham’s DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing Yamaha YZ250F to the test. The venerable YZ250F may have the most hop-up potential of any 250 four-stroke sold?because Kyle’s bike hauls.

April showers bring May flowers…but they also bring a lot of mud races to the motocross world. Not only does MXA review a bevy of mud related products, but we get mud riding tips from Kevin Windham.

Got a 2011 Kawasaki KX450F? Want to make it faster, easier to ride, better suspended or more durable? We tell you all the tricks.


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