June 10, 2014
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MXAJULY14COVERThe July 2014 issue of MXA is on the news stand now. It is jam-packed full of bike tests, product evaluations and technical features.

MXAJULY14SHOOTOUT85After a decade of neglect there are finally some all-new and improved 85cc minicycles on the market.We rounded up the Husqvarna TC85, KTM 85SX, Yamaha YZ85 and Kawasaki KX85 for a shootout.

MXAJULY14EXEMPTIONIf you think that the first modern four-stroke to qualify for an AMA Supercross or to utilize the AMA’s four-stroke exemption rule was Doug Henry’s Yamaha YZ400, you have some learning to do.

MXAJULY14DENMARKDUNGEY450SXFMXA decided to build the ultimate Ryan Dungey Replica KTM 450SXF-FE. Even better we got someone else to foot the bill for the Showa Air A-Kit suspension, Dubya wheels, LightSpeed carbon fiber, Pro Circuit engine and every other mod known to man.

MXAJULY14HINSONDo you know the difference between a clutch, diaphragm clutch, slipper clutch and auto clutch? Great, then you are a candidate to read this test on Hinson’s revised BTL slipper.

MXAJULY14RAPANUIWhat do Rapa Nui and the two-stroke have in common? What is Rapa Nui? What is a two-stroke? Is the four-stroke our civilizations version of the Moai? Interesting stuff.

MXAJULYFMFHUSKYPIPE If the FMF factory 4.1 Husky FC450 exhaust system is identical to FMF’s KTM 450SXF factory 4.1, then why does it work better on the Husky than on the Katoom. We tell you.

MXAJULY14DICKRACING300When former 500 National Champion Chuck Sun showed up to race Dick’s Racing KTM 300SX kit bike, we took the opportunity to take it away from him and race it ourselves. Dick Wilk has an interesting take on how to get the most out of the 300 kit.

MXAJULY14JODYSPREADJody relives a lifetime of racing with his buddy Fred Phalange…and irritation with Fred’s brother Stumpy.

MXAJULY14MANBEHINDCRFMeet the man who is in charge of building your 2014 Honda CRF450…and not just the 2014 model, but 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We get him to spill the beans.

MXAJULY14R&DGENIUSR&D Racing’s Genius throttle body is a stroke of genius.

MXAJULY14YZ250FPIPEMXA spent considerable time testing FMF, DR.D, HGS, Pro Circuit and Yoshimura exhauts systems on our Yamaha YZ250F. We dyno’ed them, raced them, did blind taste tests and ran them through round-robing test sessions. You’ll be surprised by the winner.

MXAJULY14CLASSICThe John Penton movie is coming out soon, but you can learn some valuable background about the first Penton offroad bikes by reading Tom White’s Classic Iron story on the 1968 Penton Six-Day.


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