December 9, 2010
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WHAT IS IT? Blur’s newest-edition goggle?which boasts all of the latest technology, along with very flashy graphics.

WHAT’S IT COST? $59.99.

(800) 326-6325 or

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Blur B2 goggle.

(1) Frame. The B2 has a firm frame with outrigger posts that allow the goggle to be pulled evenly across the face. Another attractive Blur feature is the 7-inch by 2-3/4-inch viewing area, which offers great peripheral vision. The B2 fits comfortably inside most helmets, although it works better with helmets that have shallow eyeports.

(2) Foam. Blur wisely used a very dense layer of foam closest to the frame. Why? The denser foam does a tremendous job keeping sweat from dripping into the goggle. A low-density layer of foam is covered by a felt layer that is plush against the rider’s skin. Dense foam surrounds the frame to prevent dust from entering the inside of the goggle. The B2 is sealed tighter than Fort Knox.

(3) Lens. The UV-coated, anti-fog, acetate lens takes on a bluish tint that looks clear when you’re wearing the goggles. Built-in tear-off posts are standard with the lens and don’t hinder peripheral vision. Be extremely careful when cleaning the lens (particularly the side  facing inward) as it scratches very easily. We recommend riding with a spare tear-off on the B2 to protect the lens from scratches.

(4) Strap. A 1-1/2-inch-wide woven strap with three beads of silicone (for slip prevention) has become the gold standard in goggle design. The B2 has these features, as well as an easy-to-use strap adjustment system. Good stuff.

(5) Graphics.
The Blur B2 goggle comes in five wild graphic schemes: Frenzy, Logger, Phobia, Volt and Karma (shown). These designs were heavily favored by younger test riders. Interestingly enough, the various schemes matched the designs of quite a few different gear companies. It should be noted that the goggle comes with a sweet-looking goggle bag.

(6) Tear-offs.
Blur sells a package of 20 tear-offs for $13.99. We were able to stack five tear-offs before vision became milky. We would like there to be more tension on the tear-offs to prevent dirt from falling between the lens and subsequent tear-offs.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We have two complaints. (1) We would like an anti-scratch lens on the B2 (even though it would cost more). (2) More tension on the tear-offs would prevent dirt contamination.

The Blur B2 is a competitively priced goggle with all of the top technical advancements that a motocross rider needs. Not having an anti-scratch lens is the Blur’s only major downfall.


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