July 14, 2010
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A newly designed knee brace that was two years in the making. The EVS RS8 brace has a high-quality hinge, lightweight frame, removable padding and a unique ratcheting strap system.

WHAT’S IT COST? $199.00 (each), $349.00 (pair).

CONTACT? or (888) 873-8423.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EVS RS8 knee brace.

(1) Hinges. EVS took their popular Web knee brace hinge and utilized it in the RS8 knee brace. Metal reinforcement plates extend four inches above and below both hinges to keep the knee from shifting or twisting. The mechanical hinges are extremely durable and allow for simple adjustment. EVS includes extension stops in five-degree increments from zero degrees (free motion) to 30 degrees (severely limited motion). It takes a screwdriver and a few minutes to swap out the plastic extension stops.

(2) Weight. We can’t believe how light the RS8 knee brace is. At 1.2 pounds (per brace), it is far and away the lightest high-end knee brace on the market. The RS8 doesn’t aim to replace the EVS Web as the most protective brace in EVS’ fleet, but it comes fairly close. The RS8 is the perfect brace for weekend warriors to Novice-level riders because it bridges the gap between high-end medical knee braces and premium shin guards. Those who fear that the rigid structure of a high-priced knee brace could break their leg during a crash will enjoy the RS8’s softer plastic frame.
(3) Patella guard.
One of the most popular features among MXA testers is the articulating knee cup, which protects the knee cap at every possible angle. Riders who smash the top of their knee caps will rejoice in the extensive coverage of the RS8. The articulating cup works smoothly and doesn’t bind on riding gear. It is far and away the best patella coverage that we have seen on a knee brace.

(4) Sizing.
The RS8 knee brace is sold in adult sizes (small through extra-large). The brace offers the same sizing categories as the EVS Web knee brace (which only helps you if you have worn a Web). The brace fit comfortably and snugly against our knees when we wore the proper size. To figure out which size RS8 you need, check out the sizing chart on EVS’ website (

(5) Straps. The brace contains three ratcheting straps that are fully adjustable. Simply push the closure tab into the housing to affix the brace to your leg or press the tab receiver to release the strap. It is the most effective knee brace closure system that we’ve ever tested. That’s saying a lot!

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Taller riders would like the metal reinforcement plates to extend further up and down the brace to provide better support for the knee.

The EVS RS8 is an excellent knee guard for knee cup wearers who want to upgrade. It isn’t as strong as their Web brace, but is perfect for weekend warriors looking for more knee protection than a shin guard.


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