June 25, 2010
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It’s a brand-new, low-priced, ultra-lightweight boot from Fly Racing.

$149.95 to $159.95.

CONTACT? or (800) 999-3388.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fly Kinetic MX Boot.

(1) Price. The $160 price tag sounds great, albeit suspicious when premium boots can cost $500 or more. MXA made it our mission to determine if the $160 Kinetic boots are good enough for real racers?or if they are best left to beginners and Glamis guys.

(2) Comfort.
Fit and sizing are accurate for average feet and legs. Strap adjustment covers a reasonable range, but the boot will be left partially open with thick shin guards and/or fat calves. Padding is minimal, but our test riders didn’t feel any pressure points. The upper is slim, and the toe box is medium height. A gaiter on the top rim keeps mud from falling into the boot.

(3) Weight.
A size ten weighs 3.4 pounds, which is a lot lighter than the lightest premium boot From 1/2 pound to 1-1/2 pounds each). Consequently, less strain is put on the knees and hips. Testers reported tennis shoe-like weight when switching from other boots.

(4) Protection. The 3.4 pounds of material is well-distributed and provides an adequate amount of protection against rocks. The molded and bonded dual-density sole isn’t as rigid as a premium boot sole, but it offers enough support for fairly hard hits. The leather on the bike side of the boot holds up to pipe burns well.

(5) Durability. Unlike with some inexpensive and mid-priced boots MXA has tested in the past, the Fly buckles continue to work over time. The most notable deterioration of the Fly boot was from the breakdown and increased flexibility of the molded base and other materials. Over time, the boots became more flexible, less supportive and the sole showed signs of wear. Depending on how aggressive your footpegs are, the sole can be chewed up faster that on some high-end boots. The plastic buckles felt vulnerable to breaking in a collision, but ours held up.

(6) Options. Fly Kinetics are available in sizes 7 through 13, and in Victory print or plain black.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Any modifications to the Fly Kinetic boot would quickly raise its cost and weight?and its major charm is its price. If pushed, the MXA test riders would want a more rigid sole for support on impacts and more support for ankle side-rolling motion.

Fly gets a big bang for their buck with the Kinetic boot. Fast racers and serious riders who require more support need to spend more dough, but the average Novice or Vet could be very happy racing in the lightweight Fly Kinetic.


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