July 9, 2010
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The 360 continues to be one of Fox Racing’s premium race pants. Fox offers the 360 in four different designs: Type O, Solid, Honda and Vortex. We tested the fashion-forward Vortex pant in black/green (which is new for the spring of 2010).


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fox 360 Vortex pant.

(1) Sizing. The 360 Vortex pant is offered in adult sizes 28-38 (even sizes only). Fox also sells a youth version of the pant in sizes 24 and 26 for $119.95. Sizing in the waist is spot-on. The overall length of the pant is long enough to tuck comfortably inside boots, but not so long that it bunches up around the ankles. This is partially due to the pant tapering from the knees down to the ankles.   

(2) Fit. Every test rider enjoyed the comfort of the 360 Vortex. Fox pre-curves the pant to emulate a slightly bent riding position, so the pant flexes in all the right ways. There are over six stretch panels throughout the Vortex, with the biggest stretch panel encompassing the crotch area. Our only complaint was that the areas slightly above and below the knees were rather tight for larger legs. Riders with smaller legs didn’t take issue, but husky riders found those areas to be snug.

(3) Knees. The leather on the knees extends far enough to tuck into both boots, so we didn’t scorch the insides of our legs (even when riding Husqvarnas). We particularly like how Fox double-stitched the leather panels on the knees for increased durability.

(4) Waist closure. In recent memory, we have only encountered one issue with the waist closure system on any Fox pant. During a crash, one tester tore the Fly-Cam waist closure strap, but that happened with a pair of preproduction pants. Fox has since addressed the problem and changed the ratcheting tongue fixture. We didn’t have any issues with the no-nonsense Vortex waist ratchet system.

(5) Weight. One of our favorite features of the 360 Vortex is its light weight. Even with the Thermo Plastic Rubber logos on the thighs, back panel and knees, Fox didn’t go overboard by loading the pant down with unnecessary rubber. The 360 Vortex is among the lightest premium pants that we have ever tested. More importantly, the pant is rugged and durable. When we did eventually wear a hole through the knee panel, the hole was contained and didn’t grow.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles: (1) Riders with larger thighs might take issue with the tight fit in the area just above the knees. These pants aren’t designed for bodybuilders. (2) Conservative riders might not like the graphic scheme, but that’s why Fox makes three different colorful designs.

The Fox 360 Vortex is a favorite pant among the MXA wrecking crew. It is comfortable, lightweight, durable and flashy. This is a great pant.


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