July 2, 2012
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WHAT IS IT? Although 100% is an old name from the glory days of motocross history, it is new to the goggle business. The 100% Accuri is the lower-line model of 100%’s two-model goggle lineup. The Racecraft goggle is the high-end spread.

WHAT’S IT COST? $45.00 (clear lens), $60.00 (chrome lens and extra clear lens).

CONTACT? or (619) 876-4202.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 100% Accuri goggle.

(1) Frame. Both 100% goggles have a unique frame shape, with a raised section at the top of the lens to give a tiny bit more forward vision when ducking your head. It is a minor improvement on the vision front, but from a design aesthetic, it coordinates perfectly with the squared-off nose bridge. The frame has a decent amount of flex, which helps it fit snugly against a wide variety of facial shapes. It is comfortable and fits in all of MXA‘s popular helmets without interference. The frame comes in solid red, yellow, blue, white and black, and four different two-tone graphics designs.

(2) Strap. It is hard to get creative with a goggle strap, but 100% found a way to make their strap different. Instead of the standard-issue, 40mm-wide, elastic goggle strap, the Accuri and Racecraft have 45mm straps. The extra width doesn’t present any fitment problems and seems to provide a better gripping surface on roundish helmets. A wide swath of silicone on the inside of the strap also adds grip. The strap’s elastic is well tensioned and comes with a sliding clip for attaching tearoffs.
(3) Lens.
The base 100% Accuri comes with a clear lens for $45.00. For $60, you get two lenses: a blue, Lexan, anti-fog lens on the goggle and an extra clear lens in the box. The Racecraft comes with 20 tearoffs to work with the lens-mounted tearoff posts, but the Accuris do not come with the bonus tearoffs.

(4) Tearoffs. 100% sells a 20-pack of tearoffs for $14 and has laminated tearoffs in seven-packs. (They package two sets for $13.) Additional lenses come in a dual layer (smoke and clear), plus anti-fog lenses in smoke, blue, yellow, persimmon, orange, mirrored silver, mirrored gold, mirrored red and mirrored blue. The tinted colors sell for $10, the mirrored lenses are $24 and the dual-layer lens costs $17.

(5) Differences. How does the Accuri differ from the Racecraft goggle? Although they share lenses, tearoffs, and cosmetics, the Racecraft has outrigger strap mounts, a plug-on nose guard and different strap. Every 100% goggle has a strap unique to that model and color combo. The Racecraft also has a higher price tag.

(6) Performance. We liked the way the Accuri felt. It was light, simple and comfortable. Although it lacked the bells and whistles of its big brother, the Racecraft, that was part of the Accuri’s charm. Every test rider felt at home behind the Accuri. This is a good, simple and functional goggle right out of the box.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

With its unique look, anti-fog lenses, ultra-wide strap and durable foam, the 100% Accuri is worth considering.


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