November 22, 2012
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The Racecraft goggle is the cream of the 100% crop. It boasts an outrigger frame design, expansive peripheral vision, a nose guard and plenty of extras.

$65.00 to $75.00.

(619) 876-4202 or

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 100% Racecraft goggle.

(1) Outriggers.
100% makes two models, the lower-line Accuri and the self-described Racecraft. Although both goggles share the same frame shape, the Racecraft has outriggers to help the goggle sit evenly and snugly against the face. The outrigger system makes the Racecraft feel comfortable. A tearoff post is affixed to the outrigger, which negates the nuisance of a sliding tearoff clip.  

(2) Frame. The frame has a raised section at the top of the lens to offer a bit more vision, and the peripheral landscape is incredible. The Racecraft takes up a good chunk of real estate in a helmet’s eyeport, but we didn’t have any trouble getting the goggle to fit in a wide variety of helmets. If you like a larger goggle, the Racecraft is for you. As for the foam, the three layers (two different densities and a plush felt liner) absorb sweat and the foam dries quickly. That’s a good thing.

(3) Lens. Most riders prefer a clear or mirrored lens, but 100% goes the extra mile by offering both lenses (for $10 extra). 100% also sells a wide array of different lenses, from smoke to mirrored to blue.

(4) Tearoffs. Tearoffs are a necessary evil for motocross racers. 100% sells the popular laminated-stack tearoffs, but MXA test riders were particularly impressed with their conventional single-stack tearoffs. We managed to install seven thicker tearoffs before vision became milky through the plastic sheets. On other goggles, we have vision difficulties after installing half that many tearoffs. Kudos to the Racecraft.

(5) Strap. The Racecraft goggle has a strap that’s as wide as a landing strip. At 45mm wide, the elastic strap is robust. It’s also a great billboard. And because 100% makes some very cool strap designs, it really styles out our orange lids. A wide bead of silicone prevents the massive strap from sliding.   

(6) Extras. The 100% Racecraft goggle has a ton of extras. A nose guard, 20-pack of tearoffs, goggle bag, spare clear lens ($10 extra) and the goggle are all packaged together. As for the nose guard, riders with bigger beaks immediately tossed it away, as the hard plastic rubbed against their noses.

We only wish that the nose guard extended farther and didn’t hit our noses.

This goggle offers a ton of vision, a beefy strap, a pack of tearoffs and excellent lens options. The Racecraft is a winner.  


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