June 25, 2012
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WHAT IS IT? Dirt Tricks brake rotors are made in the USA and come in stock diameters.

WHAT’S IT COST? $114.95 (front or rear); $5.99 (disc brake bolt kit).

CONTACT? or (775) 267-6361.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Dirt Tricks brake rotors.

(1) Construction. Dirt Tricks starts out with a proprietary alloy steel that was developed at their parent company, which produces seamless rolled rings for aircraft components. The secret-recipe alloy is heat-treated and hot-rolled into plate steel. Dirt Tricks then laser-cuts the discs out of the plate steel and grinds them down to spec with a blanchard grinder. Finally, the rotors are coated with black zinc to prevent rust on the shelf and to protect the non-contact areas of the rotor once they are in use.

(2) Installation. The inner diameter of our Dirt Tricks rotors fit nicely with our stock Kawasaki hubs, but the bolt holes didn’t line up perfectly. We had to start the threads and then force the non-threaded shoulders of the bolts through the misaligned holes. It wasn’t ideal.

(3) Features. Dirt Tricks bevels the outside edge of their rotors, which helps the rotor slide between brake pads during installation and prevents the edge from mushrooming in a collision. Dirt Tricks rotors are thicker than stock. Our front and rear rotors were 15-thousandths-of-an-inch thicker than stock.

(4) Performance.
We honestly didn’t expect much improvement from an OEM-sized replacement rotor; however, we were pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness. There was a distinctly stronger grab as the brakes came on. It felt like there was more friction between the rotors and the pads. Dirt Tricks rotors are all about the metallurgy?and that pays dividends.

Although we were able to mount the rotors successfully, we didn’t like the poor fit.

Dirt Tricks’ thick, secret-alloy rotors performed very well, but we have to take stars away for the fitment and lack of an oversized option.  


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