July 23, 2011
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The EVS F2 chest protector has a full modular design to accommodate neck braces, while also offering extensive coverage in the most traditional form.

? $129.

CONTACT? or (888) 873-8423.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EVS Sports F2 chest protector.

(1) Options. Like all traditional chest protectors, the F2 has large front and back plates, along with shoulder guards. But what makes the F2 stand out is its versatility. The F2 comes with removable arm pieces, and the shoulder cups and sternum plate can be removed to accommodate neck brace wearers. Also, the back plate can be completely removed to create a front plate-only protector.     

(2) Fit.
There are a number of MXA test riders who don’t wear chest protectors because they feel restrained and caged in. However, many of them changed their tune after riding with the EVS F2. EVS’s chest protector isn’t confining, especially once the arm guards are removed and the roost plates are adjusted to fit the rider. The F2 has several different mounting positions to lengthen or shorten the chest and back plate for a customized fit. EVS utilizes a unique pivoting system to allow the chest protector to move freely from the buckle straps, which works quite well. It’s worth mentioning that the F2 offers decent ventilation, thanks to numerous slits on the chest and back plate, and it is sleek enough to be worn under a jersey.

(3) Neck brace compliant.
Turning two flat-blade screws makes the F2 into a neck brace-compliant chest protector in just a few minutes. No cutting or fabrication is required. Neck brace wearers who prefer to keep the shoulder cups attached will appreciate that this option is possible, and quite comfortable, with the F2.

(4) Sizes.
The EVS F2 chest protector is available in four sizes, from Small (best for youth riders) to XL. We tested a large F2. Test riders with thinner torsos had no issues with the strap system, while bigger riders found that the strap material wasn’t long enough to buckle the strap system closed; hence, riders with bigger upper bodies might want to opt for the XL F2. As for color options, you are limited to either black or white. The chest protector padding isn’t removable, but the dirt wipes off easily with a washcloth.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We had one complaint. The straps might not be long enough for bigger riders to snap the buckle system closed.

The EVS Sports F2 is a do-it-all chest protector. It works well as a traditional roost guard, with a neck brace or as a front plate-only protector. This is a very good chest protector.


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