November 9, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? It’s an adjustable, reliable and simple return spring that is mounted on the rear master cylinder.

WHAT’S IT COST? $19.95.

CONTACT? or (877) 306-1801.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Fasst Company’s rear brake return spring kit.

(1) Function. Fasst’s rear brake return spring kit does not actuate your rear brake sooner; it merely provides adjustable tension to give better feedback to the rider’s foot. The human foot is not the most tactile appendage on the body, and it’s a challenge for feet to accurately gauge brake pressure through bulky four-pound-plus motocross boots. Because the brake pedal must resist pressure and return to its starting point, every manufacturer hooks a stiff coil spring to the pedal to keep it ready to use. The Fasst brake return spring eliminates the stock spring and replaces it with a coil spring on the brake plunger rod.

(2) Installation. Installation is a snap. All you have to do is remove the rear brake pedal at the pivot point and unthread the brake clevis and its lock nut. Then, install the Fasst spring and threaded retainer on the plunger rod. Be sure to return the clevis to the desired position when you put it back together. Unless you want an ultra-firm pedal feel, remove the OEM spring.

(3) Setup. To take full advantage of the device, you need to take the time to give the entire rear brake system a tune-up. Bleed the rear fluid and clean the rotor and brake components. Then, make sure the OEM pedal adjustments are to your liking. Once the spring is installed, take a practice spin before committing to an all-out assault with your new Fasst return spring. It can be adjusted by hand, so simply pull off to the side of the track periodically and reach down and place more preload on the spring by spinning the nut.

(4) Location. Fasst’s compression coil spring is sandwiched between the master cylinder and the brake clevis. It is in a safer location than the stock brake spring?which can be knocked off in deep berms. Additionally, the Fasst system looks cleaner and nicer.

(5) Options. The Fasst brake return kit is available with either a 6mm or 8mm nut and covers the full range of Nissin master cylinders for Japanese bikes. The nut is available in either black, blue or red. Fasst Company has a Brembo kit in the works for KTM owners.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Be aware of two things: (1) The nut is easy to turn, whether it’s done intentionally or not. There are no ramifications if it’s kicked or vibrates a few turns, but we like to visually check our setting before each race. (2) When the actuation of the pedal is firm initially, it is easier to feel the first part of pedal actuation for light braking, but more difficult to discern heavy braking. Luckily, every rider naturally judges this not by feel but by how far he moves his foot.

Fasst Company’s return spring kit is a useful device that provides extra adjustment, more feel and is less prone to damage. It makes a difference in a rider’s ability to use the rear brake. We like it.


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