December 15, 2010
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WHAT IS IT? Fly Racing’s F-16 gear is their entry-level line of motocross gear. It is chock full of technical features without a hefty price tag.

WHAT’S IT COST? $59.95 (pant), $24.95 (jersey), $18.95 (gloves).

CONTACT? or (877) 359-2946.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fly Racing F-16 gear.

(1) Pant. Keep in mind that the F-16 pant is sold at an entry-level price. With that said, this is far from an entry-level pant. The F-16 pant is amazingly light (1.65 pounds) thanks to the miniscule TPR thigh and back panels. This is a very good attribute. Although the pant lacks leather knee burn guards, two-stroke riders and those who don’t abuse their pants shouldn’t have problems wearing through the knees. Knee brace wearers will find comfort in the ample knee area. Waist sizing is slightly on the large side, but a Velcro waist belt on the right side of the pant allows for adjustability and better fit. The F-16 pant also has a long, 6-inch zipper and double-snap closure to prevent the pant from opening while riding. What’s most impressive about the F-16 pant is that it performs as well as some higher-priced pants. Stretch panels are located in the crotch, rear yoke and above the knees. Comfortable and light are the two words that best describe the F-16 pant.

(2) Jersey.
The F-16 jersey has no frills, but what do you really need in a jersey? While there aren’t any elbow pads, they don’t do much in a crash anyway. The jersey is made entirely from polyester, so forget about shrinkage or fading. Most appreciated on the F-16 jersey were the mesh side panels, which kept test riders cool mid-moto.

(3) Gloves.
Motocross riders are extremely finicky about the strap closure, protection, sizing, padding and cut of their gloves. Fly’s F-16 gloves have a modest Velcro strap closure, very little protection on the knuckles and tacky silicone on the index and middle fingers. Since most MXA test riders prefer that their gloves don’t have padding on the palms, the F-16 glove was a smash hit. It’s a minimalist’s glove.

(4) Pricing.
The most attractive aspect of Fly’s F-16 gear is the price tag. For just over $100 you can own a quality set of motocross gear. The F-16 line is available in five colors (there are six glove color options). The blue/yellow limited edition color combo (shown) retails for $16 more.

Fly’s F-16 pant is no match for two foes: (1) Hot four-stroke pipes. (2) Riders with a history of abusing the knee panels on their gear.

The Fly F-16 gear is a four-star product for entry-level to advanced riders who are kind to their gear, but a two-star product for riders who wear through the knees of high-priced pants.

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