December 1, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? A throttle tube with detachable cams for tunable response and rotation adjustment.

$69.95 (Tamer or Quick-Turn), $109.95 (adjustable cam), $25.95 (optional cams).

CONTACT? or (815) 718-5860.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with G2’s throttle.

(1) Cam options. There are two different G2 throttle tubes. The Quick-Turn pulls more cable for the same degree of throttle rotation. The Tamer pulls less cable per rotation. For $109.95, you can get a single throttle tube with three adjustable cams?and for $24.95, you can choose among six different cam options, including two more aggressive cams, a stock cam and three less aggressive options. The cams are configured to change the amount of cable they pull in a progressive manner.

(2) Bar-end options.
The G2 throttle tube comes with an O-ring-equipped removable end plug to allow the option of bark-buster hand guards for offroad guys or G2’s Jimmy Twister bearing system. The $39.95 Jimmy Twister plugs the bar end and allows the throttle tube to ride on a bearing. The bar end must be cut to keep the same length with this option.

(3) Installation.
Even though the end plug has a nice O-ring, the hole in its center will allow grip glue to contaminate the inside of the throttle tube if a piece of tape isn’t placed over it. G2’s optional throttle cams simply pop on and off, but they are glued onto the Quick-Turn and Tamer throttle tubes. The inner nylon sleeve, end-cap O-ring and Jimmy Twister are nice features, but they require gentle care during installation. For larger, quicker-turning reels, some internal modifications to the throttle housing may be necessary.

(4) Performance.
The Quick-Turn throttle cam simply pulls more cable in a shorter amount of time. This tricks the rider’s mind into thinking that his bike has more bottom-end hit and a more responsive powerband. The trade-off is that it is more difficult to precisely control the throttle in low-traction situations.

(5) Target conditions.
Since fuel-injected 450cc bikes already have overly responsive low-end hit, the G2 Quick-Turn is best suited for carbureted bikes, lower-displacement bikes, top-end-power-only bikes, deep-loam tracks, aggressive riders, and riders with broken and fused wrists who have trouble making a twisting motion.

We had three dislikes. (1) The Jimmy Twister bearing system is neat, but it doesn’t make a big difference and isn’t worth the installation trouble. (2) Having to file away inner tabs to accept larger throttle cams for some applications is a chore. Installation is a painstaking process. This should be ready to go?out of the box. (3) The cams on pre-equipped throttle tubes are glued on. They can be pried off with force.

We like the tunability of the throttle response, but it was hard to please every test rider. We prefer the optional cam kit over the pre-installed Quick-Turn or Tamer throttle tubes. That way you can change your mind.


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