February 25, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? Haber Vision sunglasses have two twists: (1) They feature 2.50 or 2.25 bifocal sections. (2) The bifocal sections can be ordered on the top or the bottom of the lens.

WHAT’S IT COST? $77.50.

CONTACT? www.habervision.com or (800) 621-4381.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Haber Vision bifocal sunglasses.

(1) Bifocal location.
The traditional location for a bifocal lens on glasses is on the bottom one-third of the lens. That way, when a person with presbyopia wants to read something, all he has to do is glance down through the magnifying power of the bifocal lens. This works great for driving or reading a book, but not for active outdoor use. In that case, Haber offers the bifocal section on the top one-third of the sunglass lens. With the reading glasses on top, you can look through the lens and downward without having a dramatic change in your perspective. For a mechanic, having the bifocal on top means that he sees the bike normally?until he needs to look closely at something. Then, all he has to do is slide the glasses down and read the numbers on the mainjet. MXA test riders discovered that when they wore a ballcap, they never noticed the bifocal lens on top until they needed it?not so when they had the bifocals on the bottom.

(2) Frame. Haber’s frame is made from virtually unbreakable Trilon.  

(3) Lens power. The Carbolite, polarized, copper rose, antireflective sunglass lenses can be ordered with 2.50 or 2.25 bifocal in the “up” or “down” position. The Carbolite lens has three-times the impact resistance of glass.

(4) Harmful rays.
The Haber Vision sunglasses offer 100 percent protection from harmful UVA, B and C radiation.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We have two complaints. (1) Haber had to choose the most common powers for their bifocal lens?thus, your choices are limited to 2.25 and 2.50. (2) If you use bifocals to work on your bike, the “up” position is terrific, but the lower position is better for driving.

The ability to look downward with bifocals on and not feel disoriented when your vision changes is no problem when the bifocals are on top of the lens.


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