May 22, 2012
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It’s a mid-sized, do-it-all folding ramp specifically designed for dirt bikes.


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Moose’s aluminum folding ramp.

(1) Lineup. Moose’s own line of ramps exemplifies the typical options on the market. They also have a 6-foot, non-folding ramp; a 7.5-foot, arched ramp; and a 9-foot ramp. Moose’s aluminum folding ramp is called the “straight” ramp because it is not arched. The ladder-rung design provides super traction, as the rungs fit between the knobs.

(2) Vehicle fitment. Not every ramp fits every tailgate. Luckily, the Moose aluminum straight folding ramp fit all of MXA‘s vehicles.

(3) Flex.
The Moose ramp flexes under the weight of a full-sized 450 or when loading a bike at a high angle with a running start. This made testers a bit nervous at first, but they learned to trust it. Loading and unloading a 475-pound street bike (that’s 75 pounds above the ramp’s max rating) caused the ramp to flex like a strung bow, but it held up without permanent deformation. After that, 230-pound bikes were a snap.

(4) Load/unload.
Ramp width is a big factor in stability, and the aluminum straight folding ramp stayed in place. Every tester preferred it to narrow ramps with safety rails that tweak sideways when you get off center. The awesome traction of the ladder rungs meant a bit more resistance to pushing bikes up the ramp, but it was a very worthwhile trade for the extra control while unloading the bike.

(5) Store/transport.
We liked that we could fold the Moose ramp and tuck it neatly away in the garage, and that it fit in all of our truck beds. The Moose unit’s 6065 aluminum chassis and 7.5-foot by 8-inch length keep the weight of the ramp down to 9-1/2 pounds.

(6) Durability. This Moose aluminum straight folding ramp is MXA‘s second Moose ramp. The first has lasted close to four years, and we’re still using it. Even the rubber finger covers are still in service?although they are torn and will need to be “plasti-dipped” soon.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We couldn’t figure out a convenient use for the supplied strap, which is supposed to keep the ramp folded shut when it’s not being used. We just used caution when handling the ramp and round-filed the strap.

If you drive a truck with a tall bed height, consider a longer ramp. Everyone else in need of a ramp should take a hard look at Moose’s aluminum straight folding ramp because it’s stable, space-saving and durable.


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