November 26, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? The Moto-Gate is a universal tailgate net that helps secure moto gear in the bed of a pickup truck.

$59.99 ($64.00 KTM logo version).

CONTACT? or (877) 738-9327.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Moto-Gate.

(1) Story. When up-and-coming freestyle rider Lance Coury turned 16 and started driving himself to the track, he recognized the need to keep his cargo secure and envisioned the concept of the Moto-Gate. Luckily, Lance’s father owns a glove company. Lance was able to piggyback on some of those manufacturing and production resources. The result is a product designed by a rider who knew what he wanted.

(2) Construction.
A Moto-Gate is quite simply two adjustable tie-down straps with netting between them. The material is the same nylon common to tie-down straps. The hooks are rubber-coated. Future versions may have rubber-coated release mechanisms for protection. Moto-Gate has had their product tested and rated at 1 ton, but believe it will take a 3-ton load before breaking.

(3) Installation. Every pickup has a different configuration of hooks and tie-down points, plus different cargo/bike configurations require different installation methods. We successfully hooked our Moto-Gate to eye hooks, nautical-style cleats, footpegs, spokes, rear sprockets, tie-downs and bumpers. The Moto-Gate must be pulled taut or it will flop around in the wind at highway speeds.

(4) Versatility. The Moto-Gate’s greatest strength is that it can conform to all sorts of different situations to secure cargo. It can be arranged diagonally, horizontally, in the front, at the back or over the top. It can secure all sorts of non-moto-related loads. For example, it can hold groceries in place up against the cab or be slung over the top of boxes or a mattress during a move.

(5) Storage. The Moto-Gate folds up into a small bundle that fits underneath a seat or tucks neatly out of the way when not needed. We thought that the netting and hooks would be prone to tangling, but we were wrong. Even when we purposely wadded it up, we could quickly ready the Moto-Gate for installation.

(6) Options. The Moto-Gate is also available with a KTM logo instead of the Moto-Gate logo. Coming soon is a mini version of the Moto-Gate intended for the little beds in UTVs, like Kawasaki Mules or Yamaha Rhinos. Also coming is a multi-use moto glove by Moto-Gate.

There were a couple of drawbacks to the design. (1) Installation. The Moto-Gate must be resized and reconfigured for every load. There is a learning curve, and users get better with practice. (2) Wind. If not carefully installed, the Moto-Gate will blow around in the wind, which compromises its ability to keep things inside the vehicle.

Even though installation is slightly time-consuming, the $60 Moto-Gate’s versatility, low price and universal fit make it a worthy option for securing your equipment while driving to and from the racetrack.


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