April 26, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? A two-disc collection of the greatest Nitro Circus stunts done to date, including a DVD highlighting Travis Pastrana’s antics.

WHAT’S IT COST? $30.00.

CONTACT? or (888) 873-8423.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the “Nitro Circus Greatest Hits” DVD
(1) Concept.
Following a successful video series and highly popular TV show on MTV, Travis Pastrana and his crew of crazy friends decided to take a step back from filming this year to let their bodies heal. Producers Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle brought the team together in a campfire setting to film a flashback episode on the many stunts, relationships and moments that the fearless group has been a part of. While the group talks about the various antics, old footage is shown. The Greatest Hits collection includes a DVD devoted to the group’s stunts and another focused solely on Travis Pastrana.

(2) Greatest Hits DVD. The entire Nitro Circus crew receives air time in this best-of-stunts DVD. New footage is extremely limited, so don’t expect a plethora of fresh, jaw-dropping stunts. Chapters covered include Black Wednesday, BASE jumping, slip and slide, double backflips, Chad Reed, and enough bike destroying tricks to infuriate the EPA. The one-hour-and-18-minute film is brimming with ridiculously courageous and equally asinine stunts…that we’ve seen before. Even so, this is a must-have film for any diehard Nitro Circus fan or someone unfamiliar with previous Nitro Circus DVDs. If, however, you watched the TV show or bought the other DVDs, this is like watching a rerun of “Frazier.”

(3) Travis Pastrana DVD.
The Nitro Circus created a “Best of Travis Pastrana” DVD because his fearlessness is unbelievable. Every major Pastrana stunt, from the crash that effectively ended his professional racing career to the double backflip to a record distance rally car jump, is covered. Most of the stunts have been documented previously, so don’t expect much new footage. However, Pastrana’s commentary throughout the 55-minute DVD is comical and informative enough to provide a new perspective. The one constant throughout the “Best of Travis Pastrana” DVD is that Travis, for all of his talent and fearlessness, belongs in the loony bin.

(4) Audience. The varied personalities of the Nitro Circus crew meld together into a charismatic group. You can’t help but laugh, cheer and root for the crew. Teenagers will be inspired by the group’s antics. Older viewers are most likely to laugh in astonishment at the uncontrolled chaos of the Nitro Circus. While many will think that Travis and his group are outright dumb, the Nitro Circus doesn’t care. Why? Their audience is predominantly other thrill seekers, or people who like to watch other people do dumb things.

We have three complaints with “Nitro Circus Great Hits.” (1) We were hoping for something new and fresh?instead of seeing the group sitting around a campfire. (2) Being motocross fans, we would have liked to see more than two minutes of actual racing footage. (3) The MPAA doesn’t rate films of the Nitro Circus sort, but we would advise parents to be aware that there is adult language and brief nudity in this DVD.

The two-disc “Nitro Circus Greatest Hits” is a must-have for diehard Nitro Circus and Travis Pastrana fans, three stars for casual fans and two stars for dyed-in-the-wool motocrossers. It is a rehash.


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