September 21, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? After bars, grips and levers, Renthal’s new Moto hand guards are the next logical addition to the ever-expanding Renthal product line.

WHAT’S IT COST? $39.95.

CONTACT? or (877) 736-8425.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Renthal’s Moto hand guards.

(1) Construction. Renthal’s Moto hand guards are constructed of plastic with a synthetic rubber outer edge. They are medium-sized compared to typical hand guards. MXA test riders like the dual-compound design because the rubber edging makes it less likely that the guards will gouge or scrape you in a crash. It is also less painful when the hand guard flexes back and hits your hand in an accidental collision.

(2) Mounting options.
There are three mounting options to get the hand guards positioned correctly.
   (a) The left and right plastic arms are reversible, allowing the guards to mount above or below the clutch/brake.
   (b) There are clamp spacers to adjust the height of the clamp without tilting it.
   (c) There are two positions for the guards to mount on the plastic arm, providing lateral adjustment without sliding the clamp along the handlebars.

(3) Installation. A Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool needed for installation. The hand guards come with straightforward and illustrated instructions. On our test bikes, it was best to run the mounts above the levers, with the spacers installed and in the extended position.

(4) Durability. The flexibility of the plastic mounting arms lets the Moto hand guards bend instead of break in a crash. Also, the handlebar clamping surface is a bit larger than on some other hand guards we’ve tried. The wide plastic clamp takes up a bit more room on the bars, but clamps better than some other hand guards. The Renthals stayed put and didn’t need to be banged out of the way after a tip-over.

(5) Sticker kit. The Moto hand guards are white, but each kit comes with red and blue stickers. Hondas and Yamahas are the most popular brands, but Renthal also sells optional sticker kits to satisfy Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM riders.

(6) Origin. Upon close inspection, we discovered that the Renthal Moto hand guards are manufactured by Cycra?albeit to Renthal’s specifications.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? There are a couple of tradeoffs with the Moto hand guards. (1) The flexible mount deforms a significant amount when colliding with stakes, hay bales, branches and other bikes. Ideally, we’d like increased rigidity on compression and tension, while maintaining torsional flexibility. Be sure to mount the Moto hand guards so that the end of the guard contacts the end of the grip and doesn’t pull your lever when it flexes inward. If the flexing really bothers you, order some Stealth alloy brackets from Cycra. (2) By only offering white guards with sticker kits, Renthal dramatically reduces their overhead and makes it much easier for dealers to stock them. We, however, would like some neon pink or flo-green stickers to choose from.

Offroad racers who plow through branches will want more rigid guards, but for motocross racers, Renthal’s Moto hand guards are well-designed.


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