June 5, 2012
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WHAT IS IT? The Replay XD1080 is a high-definition video camera designed to withstand the rigors of motocross and capture first-person footage.


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Replay XD1080 video camera.
(1) Durability.
The XD1080 tips the scales at a mere 3 ounces due to a lightweight aluminum body. Unlike a GoPro camera, the Replay doesn’t need an external, weatherproof case. This is both a positive and negative. The XD1080 is light, thanks to the lack of an external case, but it is only weather resistant and not waterproof. Still, the Replay XD1080 is durable enough for most riding applications.

(2) Field of view.
Replay boasts that, unlike other video cameras on the market, the XD1080 has a natural field of view. In short, there isn’t any distortion or bending along the edges of the video window. This is a good thing. However, because the XD1080 doesn’t have a fisheye effect, it can only capture 135 degrees of viewing. For the sake of comparison, the GoPro HD Hero2 can cover a 170-degree field of view. With the Replay XD1080, you’ll capture less area from side to side, but the footage won’t be distorted. It’s nice that, due to its cylindrical shape, the camera can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows the user to fine-tune the camera angle without having to swap mounts.  

(3) Video quality.
Many testers were pleased with the video quality of the Replay XD1080. However, a few testers preferred the warped perspective of the GoPro. Having said that, the lens did a decent job of transitioning quickly from one light extreme to the other and held focus well. We should point out that the camera failed to pick up much audio. While riding with the XD1080, the sound of the engine seemed muffled.

(4) Mounting options. It’s fair to say that the XD1080 can be mounted nearly anywhere with the included HeimLock and LowBoy mounts. We had the best results mounting the camera on top or the helmet or on the iside by the chin bar. The tacky adhesive mounting plate keeps the XD1080 firmly in place (sometimes too well). You can get creative and mount the camera on a motorcycle.

(5) Modes. The XD1080 has five built-in modes with eight options. The camera shoots video at 1080 pixels (at 30 frames per second), 960 pixels (at 30 fps), 720 pixels (at 60 fps) and 720 pixels (at 30 fps). There is also a photo function that shoots an image every 3, 5, 15 or 30 seconds. The CMOS sensor can produce a 5-megapixel image (plenty big enough to run as a full-page photo in MXA). A series of lights and vibrations indicate each setting, as well as when the camera begins and ends recording. It is quite intuitive, but not as straightforward as other cameras in its category.

(6) In the box. The Replay XD1080 comes with several mounts and cables, as well as a 4GB micro SDHC memory card and car charger. Optional mounts and accessories are also available.

We have a few complaints: (1) The camera isn’t waterproof. (2) Sound quality is poor. (3) The XD1080 doesn’t provide a wide-angle perspective.

The Replay XD1080 is an admirable foe in the first-person video camera market. It’s lightweight, has a plethora of options and shoots quality video. However, for our money, we’d probably opt for the GoPro HD Hero2.


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