October 6, 2011
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Complete wheelsets that can be customized with graphics on the rims.

WHAT’S IT COST? $789.95 (RAD hubs and Excel Notako rims); $789.95 (basic wheel with standardized RimWrapz graphics: skulls, chains, bandana or solid colors); $914.95 (basic wheel with your custom logo on the rims). Colored spokes, hubs and nipples are available for extra charges.

CONTACT? or (888) 575-4648.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here is a list of things that stand out with RimWrapz’ complete wheelset.

(1) RimWrapz. The unique part of these wheels is the graphics. Many graphics companies offer sticker kits for the outside of the rim flange. RimWrapz are applied across the complete area of the rim (save for the flange). This means the graphics are less susceptible to damage from rocks, rim-clean and tires.

(2) Components.
The KX450F hubs on our wheels are RAD Manufacturing’s strongest Econo Hubs?CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum with oversized bearings. The RAD spokes are stainless steel, and the nipples are 7075 aluminum.

(3) Weight.
Our front wheel weighed 7.6 pounds and the rear weighed 9.55 pounds. Upgrading to RAD Eagle hubs would have saved 5 ounces on the front and 4 ounces on the rear.

(4) Durability. The RimWrapz graphics still looked new after two months of testing. We rode rocky tracks, blasted them with a pressure washer and even scraped dried mud off them in-between motos. The Notako rims are good enough for practice wheels, but we do not recommend them for pro riders or brutally rough tracks. We had to be attentive about spoke tightening?especially on the front. Still, the name held true; we didn’t “taco” the rims.

(5) Options.
RimWrapz graphics are offered in several different patterns, a multitude of colors and flag motifs. They also do custom jobs like our MXA logo graphics for an additional $125. There are two upgrade options for hubs and rims. The rims, hubs, spokes and nipples are all available in multiple colors.

(6) Virtual wheel builder. The wheel builder feature at is fun, even if you aren’t planning to buy wheels. It shows you a virtual wheel and lets you change components and colors. When you make a change, it immediately shows up on the wheel and you can see the price list for a complete breakdown of the cost.

There were three areas of concern. (1) The downside of the RimWrapz is having to unlace the wheel to mount the graphics. If you aren’t buying a complete wheel from RimWrapz, you can send your wheel in for installation and truing, or do it yourself to save money. (2) The basic wheel combinations are competitively priced, but every colored component and upgrade adds to the bill. The total can grow in a hurry. (3) For hardcore racing, we’d step up to Takasago Excel A60 rims (about $240 more).

RimWrapz decals on the rims are cool and offer the maximum level of customization, but these decal-covered wheels are a major luxury.


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