December 10, 2012
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The Troy Lee Designs CP5955 is a Leatt-compatible chest protector that has options aplenty. It’s the do-it-all chest protector.

WHAT’S IT COST? $199.00.
(951) 371-5219 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Troy Lee Designs CP5955 chest protector.

(1) Technology. Shock Doctor spent over two years developing the CP5955 chest protector. Looking for a worthy company to buy the rights to the CP5955, TLD stepped in. Once Troy Lee purchased the chest protector, the two companies worked together to further develop the CP5955. We’ve had good results with both companies in the past because of their dedication to improving rider safety.   

(2) Options. The CP5955 has 16 removable and interchangeable pieces that allow for over 50 configurations. Talk about customization! Every test rider, big or small, raved about the comfort of the CP5955. Removing and installing the various panels requires two 6mm Allen wrenches. This chest protector can be worn over the jersey or as an underprotector. We were happy to discover that when worn under a jersey, the CP5955 isn’t noticeable. The TLD product offers extensive coverage throughout the chest and back, with a hard outer shell to ward off dangerous rocks and errant footpeg encounters.

(3) Leatt brace-compatible. The TLD protector easily accepts a Leatt neck brace, as it should. Why? The CP5955 was specifically developed around the Leatt brace. In order for the chest protector to accept a Leatt, you must remove the sternum and upper spine protective sections. Then the Leatt brace slides in with unobstructed ease. However, the CP5955 isn’t just a neck brace-specific chest protector, because it also caters to non-brace wearers. Regardless, every tester enjoyed the comfort afforded by the unrestricted feeling of the Troy Lee Designs chest protector.

(4) Materials. The outer shell is composed of stiff nylon panels backed by soft spandex. Nylon and spandex are also found in the liner. We were happy to discover that Troy Lee Designs uses breathable mesh along the top area of the chest protector. Because of the many pieces (60 in total), it is one of the heavier chest protectors that we have tested; however, we removed panels in the lower back, shoulder cups and arm guards to lighten up the overall weight. It should be noted that the liner is not removable.

(5) Price. It’s expensive, and because of the price, our expectations were very high. Although the CP5955 is a blow to the wallet, it’s worth the money for Leatt neck brace wearers.
We have two complaints: (1) The CP5955 is expensive. However, TLD sells a stripped-down version of the chest protector, called the CP5900, for $169. (2) Off the shelf, the Troy Lee CP5955 is heavy, but you can shave weight by removing various body panels.  

The Troy Lee Designs CP5955 is a five-star product for Leatt neck brace wearers, four stars for riders looking for a comfortable chest protector, and two stars for riders on a tight budget.


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