November 20, 2013
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Technology and high prices march on?as Kawasaki revealed a supercharged four-cylinder engine. Speculation is that it is in the 1000cc range, but it would make more sense to supercharge a smaller displacement, say 600cc so that it would run like 1000cc. Kawasaki’s press release said, “Kawasaki has a long history of developing technologies for turbine engines.The lifeblood of these turbines is their blades, which need to be able to cope with extreme heat and vibration while spinning at high speeds. Know-how from years of designing turbine engine blades was instilled in the first supercharger developed by a motorcycle manufacturer. And of course, designing a motorcycle-use supercharged engine in-house means that maximum efficiency could be pursued.”

Have no fear about what prices hikes would follow the introduction of a supercharged KX450 engine. Why not? Under AMA rules, supercharging is banned in Supercross and motocross.

The AMA rule:

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