November 4, 2012
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Only the offroad models are affected, like the 350EXC-F shown here, and the fix is as simple as replacing the fuel line.

KTM has commenced the recall of around 7000 motorcycles on specific models listed below with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) of the model year 2012/2013 because of a possible leak in the fuel hose due to a manufacturing process defect on the part of the supplier. To date there have been no reported incidents with regard to this recall.
A problem which may occur in the supplier’s manufacturing process can lead to a fuel leak in the bends or the ends of the affected fuel hose. Because of this possible process defect, KTM is exchanging the molded fuel hose on all of the affected models.  
Customers who have taken delivery of motorcycles affected by this situation are being personally informed in writing. In addition, there is also the opportunity to check online if the motorcycle in question is affected by the recall action. The recall information is available in the “Service” area of www.ktm.com and can be seen by entering the complete (17 digit) chassis number and the motorcycle’s delivery certificate number, which is located on the upper right corner of the delivery certificate.
The replacement of the fuel line is to be exclusively carried out by specially trained, authorized official KTM dealers. It takes about 30 minute and is naturally guaranteed and free of charge.

KTM wants to make everything right. The affected American models are:

    2012 KTM 350EXC-F
    2012 KTM 350XCF-W
    2012 KTM 450EXC
    2012 KTM 500EXC
    2013 KTM 250XCF
    2013 KTM 250XCF-W
    2013 KTM 350EXC-F
    2013 KTM 350XCF-W
    2013 KTM 350XC-F USA
    2013 KTM 450EXC
    2013 KTM 450XC-W
    2013 KTM 450XC-F
    2013 KTM 500EXC
    2013 KTM 500XC-W


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