March 26, 2015
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WHAT IS IT? The Predator is Forma’s high-end boot. It is a solid design that features security-lock buckles, a dual-pivot flex control system and a Skywalk sole.

WHAT’S IT COST? $549.00.

CONTACT? or (310) 533-9390.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Forma Predator boot.

(1) Construction. The Predator is fully loaded with features designed with protection and comfort in mind. The majority of the outer boot is made from injection-molded plastic. At the ankle there is a dual-pivot flex control system made from carbon fiber. The Forma’s five buckles have aluminum security locks that ensure that your buckles do not come undone on the track. The boot uses Skywalk technology that has an anti-slip/oil rubber sole with a replaceable insert. The guts of the boot are thermoformed, and the boots have antibacterial, replaceable footbeds.

(2) Fit. The sizing was on point; a 10 is really a 10. The lining was plush, especially around the ankle where there were donut-shaped pads on both sides. The secure fit made the boot feel well-insulated against jolts and hits. The buckles had more than enough adjustment for calves of all sizes. While MXA test riders raved about ankle comfort, they found the footbed rather stiff. The footbed is removable and could be replaced with a softer insert.

(3) Performance. Break in was a breeze. Where the boot contacts the frame, there are gripper inserts. Many boots have a feature like this, but most we don’t notice when riding. The material Forma used was softer and grippier than any other we’ve tested. This helped us maneuver the bike, especially in the air. One thing that our testers did not like was the heel. It was tall and at a steeper angle than most. The majority of the time test riders didn’t notice the tall heel block, but when they placed their heels on the footpegs the boot shifted forward.


(4) Weight. The Predator’s features add weight. The boots tipped our scales at 5.3 pounds (size 11). Unfortunately, if you don’t like heavier boots, you are out of luck, as most premium motocross boots are on the heavy side. That is the price you pay for hinges, pivots, plastic cladding and generous internal padding.

(5) Option. The Forma Predator boot comes in sizes 7 to 15, and there are seven different colors to choose from.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles. (1) We would like a softer footbed. (2) It wouldn’t hurt the Predator to go on a diet.


Overall, the Forma Predator boot offers good protection and a comfortable fit.




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