November 11, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? It’s an oil catch pan that automatically stores the oil for recycling after catching it.

WHAT’S IT COST? $19.95.

CONTACT? (661) 253-1592 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the M28 oil drain container.

(1) Design. The M28 is basically a flat jug with one concave side to act as a catch pan. The concave side has a low spot where there is a hole. After oil falls into the catch pan, it funnels down and drops into the container. After installation of a screw-in plug, the dirty oil is ready for disposal via the separate pour spout.

(2) Portability. The M28 isn’t a revolutionary idea?similarly designed automotive versions have been around for years. In fact, some MXA testers already use one. The large automotive oil pan/container is nice, but we like to drain oil at the track after a moto when it’s warm and free-flowing. The smaller M28 tucks nicely into the back of a truck and is easier to clean. 

(3) Cleanliness. Getting oil on your hands at the track is a nuisance. The Matrix M28 makes the oil-changing process a clean experience. Cleaning the M28 itself is also easy. Traditional funnels have narrow spouts. Invariably, oil residue is left and grime accumulates. The M28’s shallow drain is as good as new with a squirt of solvent and a quick wipe.

(4) Looks. The off-white plastic isn’t very attractive, but it is practical. Bubblin’ crude shows up clearly through the semi-opaque material. At 6 quarts, the oil level reaches the bottom of the drain and the convenient maximum-level line on the side of the container. This safely leaves enough room for four oil changes before disposal. As with all their products, Matrix left a flat piece of real estate for a custom sticker provided by their graphics partner, DeCal Works. Upon request, your M28 could come with your name and number. 

(5) Environment. Part of Matrix’s motivation was to be eco-friendly. By making it easy to catch and properly dispose of oil, Matrix plans on keeping oil out of the soil at the tracks and storm drains in neighborhoods. Adding to the green theme, the M28 is made out of recycled plastic.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We noted two potential issues: (1) If you have no intention of draining oil at the track and space isn’t an issue, you may prefer a larger automotive version of an oil pan/container. (2) The cap on the pour spout isn’t weak, but it isn’t strong. We thought it prudent to make certain the M28 wouldn’t tumble around en route to the track.

MXA test riders know that a well-maintained stock bike is better than a hopped-up clunker. Matrix’s M28 oil drain container left us with clean hands and more time to turn wrenches elsewhere.


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