March 24, 2013
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How close do you like to get? 450 Pro winner Brandon Brady just misses the rear wheel of Swedish rider Nicklas Gustavsson. Gustavsson would later crash out on the downhill and call it a day. He is now returning to Sweden. Photo: Mark Chilson

The weekend of April 6-7 looks to be a big motocross weekend at Glen Helen. On Saturday, April 6, in honor of REM’s 15th anniversary of racing at Glen Helen, Troy Lee is hosting an AMA National Motocross warm-up day with a big Pro purse. The race will be sponsored by Troy Lee, Moto Brew, ARC levers and others. Troy will bring his complete AMA Supercross race team, semi truck, mechanics and sponsors. The motos will be extended to 30 minutes for any aspiring AMA Pro rider to get in a National test session. There will be food, refreshments, free T-shirts, Moto Brew and lots of star power. Additionally, the Pro purse will be paid to the 250 Pros, 450 Pros, Over-40 Pros and Over-50 Pros.

This left/right sweeper over the top of a small rise was very difficult to do properly. Here, 250 Pro winner Colton Aeck lets it hang out to the right before flicking it left.
Photo: Dan Alamangos

Then, the next day, April 7, the 2013 MTA World Two-Stroke Championships will be held on the Grand Prix track. It will feature a $10,000 purse from MTA, Glen Helen and L.A. Sleeve for the 125 and 250 Pro classes. Plus, thanks to sponsorship from Husqvarna, the 125 Pro class winner will receive a brand-new 2013 Husqvarna CR125 two-stroke (regardless of what brand he raced in the 125 Pro race) in addition to his purse money. Plus, Husqvarna is fielding a 10-man team of riders in the 125 Pro class.

Broc Shoemaker went 1-2 for second in the 250 Pro class.
   Photo: Mark Chilson


On a warm sunny day, a large turnout greeted the motocross racers who rolled into Glen Helen. Here are some highlights.

Willy Simons uses all the track on his way to a 2-1 day in the Over-50 Expert class.
Photo: Dan Alamangos

450 Pro: Brandon Brady, still playing brand roulette showed up on a Suzuki this weekend, and powered to two convincing wins against Preston Tilford (back from injury), Swedish rider Marcus Ovegaard, Brett Hottel (on a two-stroke), Billy Musgrave (also back from injury), Charles Castloo and Swede Nicklas Gustavsson.

250 Pro: Two-stroke mounted Colton Aeck used a 2-1 to defeated Broc Shoemaker’s 1-2. Devin Roth was third with a 3-3.

Jon Ortner bought a used 2005 YZ250 and won the first moto of the Over-50 Expert class. How much did he pay for his new bike? $2500.
Photo: Dan Alamangos

Over-40 Pro: William Hendershot, out of Kansas, defeated seven-time AMA National Champion Jeff Ward for the 40 Pro victory. Willy Musgrave was third.

250 Intermediate: Kordel Caro’s 2-1 was good enough to get the win over Dennis Andersson’s 1-2. Nathan Cernicky was third, Matt Cerami fourth and Willy Simons, Jr. fifth.

Jeff Ward rolled up his sleeves (well, his right sleeve anyway) and went to work in the Over-40 Pro class. He led for a long time, but eventually got passed.   
Photo: Mark Chilson

Over-50 Expert: Every rider in the Over-50 Expert class was a potential winner. Willy Simons took the victory with a 2-1 over Jon Ortner’s 1-2. Ortner’s performance was interesting because he bought a used 2005 Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke, put new tires on it and showed up to race it. Ortner and Simons both rode great races, but Simons got the nod. Troy Lee went 3-3 for second in front of Dave Eropkin, Bob Casper, Bryan Friday and Bob Rutten.

Carl Gazafy got the win in the Over-60 Expert class with a 2-1. It is hard to believe that a class open to riders born before 1953 would be the third largest class of the day.
Photo: Dan Alamangos


The three biggest races of the day were the Over-50 Intermediates, Over-50 Novices and, amazingly, the Over-60 Experts.

Over-50 Novice: Mike Brownfield swept both motos, helped by the fact that former class leader Terry Varner was moved up to the Over-50 Intermediates this weekend. Ty Larson was second, Brian Underdahl third, Bob Boldt fourth and Ian Pederson fifth.

Australian Dan Alamangos (64) leads desert star Eric Hallgath and South African Alan Julien (70) through a Glen Helen turn.
   Photo: Mark Chilson

Over-50 Intermediate: Randy Skinner’s 2-2 took the win when first moto winner Jeff Fahy got third in moto two and second moto winner Dean Adkins had a sixth in moto one. The top three were Skinner, Fahy and Adkins. Joe Sutter’s 4-8 gave him fourth over Mike Hillion’s 9-5, Mark Hall’s 7-7. John Perry’s 8-9, Mike Phillips’ 5-12, Jeff Mason’s 14-6 and Todd Wiseman’s 11-10.

The Blue Angles have nothing on Gary Harada (55), Terry Varner (34) and Joe Sutter (111) in the Over-40 Novice class.
Photo: Mark Chilson

Over-60 Experts: The third largest class of the weekend was the Over-60 Experts and it was a battle royale. Carl Gazafy got the overall win with a 2-1, Tom Holmes was second (3-2), Mic Rodgers third (4-3), Jody Weisel fourth (7-4) and Ray Pisarski fifth (6-5). John Huegel made his return to racing after a long layoff with a 8-8 and Lyle Sweeter won the first moto, but DNF’ed moto two.

John Perry makes the trip from Durango, Colorado, to Glen Helen to race about once a month. John is the brother of former Yamaha team manager Jim Perry.
Photo: Dan Alamangos

Other notables: The winners were?Cody Mason (450 Beginner), Ty Cullins (250 Beginner), Gina Rossi (125 Beginner), Alexandra Ruesga (85 Beginner), Todd Allan (Vet Beginner), Joe Sutter (Over-40 Novice), Dane McCants (125 Novice), Tristen Morts (250 Novice), Aryton Ward (85 Expert) and Max Lee (150 Advanced).

Willy Simons, Jr. uses all the track (plus an extra five feet) on his way to fifth in the 250 Intermediates.
Photo: Dan Alamangos

Aryton Ward shows some of the family skills on his way to the 85 Expert win.
Photo: Mark Chilson

REM will race again next Saturday for round two of the REM Spring series. For more info go to


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