July 17, 2011
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Offroad racer Robby Bell is an REM regular.

The Pro motocross race at this week’s REM motocross was an amazing affair as Preston Tilford, Robby Bell, Matt Inda, Tony Amaradio, Mark Tilley and a host of others riders duel for the overall victory on a variety of machines. The actual scoring, between the 250 Pro class and 450 Pro class, is a little convoluted because Preston Tilford was on a YZ250F, but rode practice on a YZ450F, while Bell, Inda, Drew Petrie and Jared Thomas were all signed up for the 250 Pro class. The 450 Pro class, which included Tilford, Brian Nelson, Tony Amaradio, Chris See, Brett Hottel, Armando Aguilar, Josh Lawrence, Derek Rogers and Steve Simpson, went off in the same gate as the 250 Pros. The end result was a super scramble for positions.

Tony Amaradio (130) leads Robby Bell (32) and a fast closing Preston Tilford down Mt. Whitney in the Pro class.

The surprise of the field wasn’t Vance & Hines rider Preston Tilford, who came from dead last in the second moto to take the overall win (in front of all the Pro riders?regardless of whatever class they were signed up in), but by the speed of veteran Pro Tony Amaradio. Tony, now in the second half of his 30s, showed amazing speed as he sprinted away from the Pro pack in both motos. Tony, who used to race the AMA Nationals, doesn’t have time to train anymore and it showed in the second half of both motos, as he was gradually reeled in. Mark Tilley was having a good day in the Pros until he hit a kicker and body slammed into the face of the Mt. Whitney uphill. Mark laid there for awhile, but finally got up and rode back to the pits.

Justin Jones won the 450 Intermediate class.

In the end, Amaradio ended up with a 6-2 in the 450 Pro class, but in truth, he should have been second overall. Except that he ran into the back of a pileup late in the first moto and fell over killing his engine. On paper, Tony’s 6-2 was good for third overall behind Tilford and Brian Nelson.

Chris Proscelle.

Robby Bell won the 250 Pro class. Willy Musgrave won the Over-40 Pros. Justin Jones won the 450 IntermediateS. Chris Proscelle too  the 250 Intermediates and Cameron Doll won the Vet Intermediates.

Ryan Surratt.

Ryan Surratt, son of former 125 West Supercross Champion Willie Surratt, took the gold in the 250 Novice class with Anthony Perez, James Wilcox, Tallon Newman and Stephen DeRose rounding out the top five.

Ray Pisarski won the Over-60 Expert class.


In honor of Feets Minert’s 80th birthday, there was a special ceremony at the riders meeting, a free barbecue and birthday cake for everyone.

Feets, who races at REM every week, signed up in the Over-60 Expert class?even though he is 20 years too old for the class. Feets went 8-6 in a spirited battle with MTA owner Larry Popp. The Over-60 Expert class was won by Ray Pisarski (2-1) in front of T.V. Holmes (2-1), Jody Weisel (5-3) and Bengt Johansson (4-4).

Feets Minert (45), 80 years young, mixes it up with Chris Colquhoun (57) and Craig Johnston (145).

Dave Eropkin took the Over-50 Expert victory with a 3-1 after first moto winner Greg Nelson faltered back to sixth in moto two. Second overall was earned by Willy Amaradio with a 2-2. Third went to Dennis Boulware (4-3) and Greg Nelson was fourth.

Bryan Friday swept both motos of the Over-40 Intermediates, but it took a couple red flag starts to get the second moto underway. Friday’s 1-1 beat Scott Lindley’s 3-2, Mike Gee’s 4-3 and Steve Hermann’s 5-5.

Daniel D’Agostino used a 1-2 to take the victory in the 450 Novices. Kirk Waymire was the Over-50 Novice winner, while David Minnick won the Over-50 Intermediates.

Chuck “Feets” Minert and his first place trophy for the Over-80 Expert class…although he elected to race with those youngsters in the Over-60 Experts.


Vet Novice: John Perry drove in from Durango to race the Vet Novice class (1-1) and the Over-50 Expert class (10-14).

Over-40 Novice: Scott Noseworthy went 1-1 in front of Pasha Afshar.

Stephen DeRose?fifth in the 250 Novices.

Vet Beginner: Chris Aseltine used a 2-1 to edge the 3-3 of John Tookey and 1-7 of Lee Amaradio.

250 Beginner: Lee Pattison got the nod in front of Brandon Sussman, Sinjin Lloyd and Cameron Payne.

85 Novice: Derek Haller’s 1-2 was good enough to take the victory from Mike Bell’s son Sean (3-1).

REM races again next Saturday, July23. For more info go to

Photos by Dan Alamangos


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