April 3, 2012
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Rickard Sandberg faced tough competition in the form of Mat Inda, who owned the first moto and fellow Swede Fredrik Noren. When Noren crashed out of the second moto and Inda couldn’t catch him, Sandberg took 450 Pro honors.

The REM motocross racers congregated at Glen Helen on a foggy and overcast day?the weather conditions, as abnormal as they could be in sunny SoCal, kept the track moist all day.

Conner Stouff (846) went 6-7 in the 450 Pro class behind Rickard Sandberg, Mat Inda, Robert Lind, Broc Shoemaker and Billy Lea. That is Sandberg behind Stouff.

450 Pro class: Swede Rickard Sandberg and Kawasaki rider Matas Inda split moto wins with the overall going to the Swede. The 30-minute long Pro motos took their toll on any unprepared riders (even in the unseasonably cool weather). Another Swede, Robert Lind, was third. The fastest rider on the day was Swedish star Fredrik Noren, but he caused and was caught up in a second turn crash in moto one and crashed by himself in moto two.

Italian Lorenzo Brogi gets lapped by 450 Pro winner Rickard Sandberg (866). Brogi would end up sixth in the 250 Intermediates.

The top five in the 450 Pro class was Sandberg, Inda, Lind, Broc Shoemaker and Billy Lea.

Broc Armbruster had a tough day. In the 450 Pro class Broc went 9-DNF.

250 Pro class: Many rider used Saturday’s REM race as a warm-up for Sunday’s World Two-Stroke Championship. Billy Musgrave used MXA‘s KTM 250SX to sweep both motos in front of Ricky Yorks, who elected to race a YZ125.

Dale Spangler (255) won both motos of the 250 Intermediate class. Derrick Barr (797) was third.

250 Intermediate: Dean Spangler swept both motos, while his closest competitor Justin Jones took a crash course in how to ride a 125 two-stroke. Jones struggled at first, but got the knack of his TM MX125 as the day progressed. Spangler’s 1-1 earned him first, with Jones (2-2) second, Derrick Barr (4-3) third, Max Groom (3-6) fourth and Kordel Caro (6-4) fifth.

Justin Jones, son of four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones, was racing a 125 two-stroke for the first time. He finished second overall in the 250 Intermediate class on a TM MX125.

Over-50 Expert: Jon Ortner took the win while David Blunk and Dirt Bike’s Ron Lawson split 2-3 and 3-2 motos….with Blunk getting second. Lawson raced a YZ125.

Dan Alamangos went 3-4 for fourth overall in the Over-40 Intermediates.

Over-50 Intermediate: Robert Collins used a KTM 250SX two-stroke to go 1-1 in front of Randy Skinner, Mike Phillips, Mark Hall, Greg Groom, Lloyd Collins. Marc Crosby and John Perry.

South African, we know because it says so on his front number plate, Alan Julien won the Over-40 Intermediates and the 125 “A” class on a Honda CR125 two-stroke.

250 Beginner: Joe Valencia repeated last week’s win. Joe’s 2-1 was good enough to defeat Pasha Afshar’s 3-2 and Cameron Knust-Graichen’s 1-4.

250 Novice: Cameron Reitzel went 1-1, Mattais Augustsson 2-2, Matt Bynum -3, Marcus Hansson 3-4 and Noah Hickerson 5-5.

Shawn Wynne made a last lap pass on Willy Musgrave to win moto one of the Over-40 Pro class. Unfortunately for Shawn, Musgrave won the second moto to take the overall (both were on two-strokes, Wynne a TM and Musgrave a KTM).

Vet Novice: Under the widely accepted Vet class rules, a rider can drop down a skill division for every ten-year age difference. Thus, the Vet Novice class was packed with Over-50 Intermediates and a few Over-40 riders. In the end, two Over-50 Intermediates swept the front spots with Mark Hall (3-2) getting first in front of John Perry (4-3). Gregg Schellack was third with a 9-1.

Over-50 Novice: Roy Krull used a 2-1 to defeat Paul Crouch, Jr’s 1-2. Dennis Smith was a solid third with a 3-3 in front of Terry Varner, John Tookey, Brian Martin and Ian Pederson.

John Perry drove in from Durango, Colorado, for the World Two-Stroke race, but rode a four-stroke at Saturday’s REM. John was 8th in the Over-50 Intermediates and second in the Over-30 Novices.

Over-60 Expert: Ray Pisarski ran down fast starting Jody Weisel in both motos to go 1-1 in a class whose riders were born in the 1940s. As expected, AMA Hall of Famer Lars Jarsson and MXA‘s Jody Weisel engaged in a repeat of last week’s battle royale. Just like last week Jody used a 3-2 to take second overall from the former Swedish Grand Prix rider’s 2-3.

Over-40 Novice: Rob Hock’s 1-1 was unbeatable, especially by the 2-5 of second place rider Joe Sutter or the 4-4 of third place’s Mike Borowski or the 7-2 of fourth place’s Todd Heagstedt.

REM races again next Saturday at Glen Helen. Go to for details.

Photos by Ernie Becker and Dan Alamangos.


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