January 6, 2013
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Sport cars racer Ernie Becker (62) gets in his last race before he has to start preparing for the 24 Hours of Daytona. He is being chased by TM-mounted Pete Vetrano. Becker went 6-4 and Vetrano went 4-3 in the Vet Novice class.

Photos by Dan Alamangos, Ray Pisarski & Ernie Becker

You would think that after finishing a 40-race points paying season a week ago, that the REM regulars would take a week off to rest and recover. Or at the very least, skip one race on the day of the opening day of the 2013 Supercross season. But, no! Instead, REM promoter Frank Thomason had to promise his charges that he would be able to hold the race, not shorten the motos and get the whole event done in time for everyone to make it to Anaheim Stadium for the season opener.

Justin Jones has signed a KTM deal to race offroad events. Justin easily won the 450 Pro class.

And, REM did it. In truth, this was no big deal because REM runs the most efficient race program in the sport. They don’t waste time, they don’t hold races for six guys, they don’t shorten motos, they don’t start at Oh-Dark-30 (practice isn’t until 9:00 a.m.), they use multiple wave starts, they cater to hardcore old school racers and even on a “big” day, a rider could still make it to Anaheim Stadium (even without the promise).

When an Aussie puts this on his pants ? he means it. Dan Alamangos won the Over-40 Intermediate class with a 1-2.

Tyler Weyman won the 85 Expert class.

Lumberjack Dylan Haase came down from the NorCal redwoods to race at Glen Helen for the first time in a year. He swept both motos of the 250 Novice class.


The biggest class: Terry Varner used a 2-1 to hold off Ty Larson’ 1-2 for the Over-50 Novice victory. Kent Reed was third with a 4-3, while Paul Doebereiner, Roy Krull, Brian Underdahl, Tim Williams, Ian Pederson and Ken Larson rounded out the top ten.

Greg Nelson (192) borrowed MXA’s KTM 450SXF and holeshot the first Over-50 Expert moto. Unfortunately, he crashed in the second race to go 4-10.

Randy Skinner’s reward for earning the most points in 2012 was a trip up to the Expert class for 2013…where the stiff competition guarantees that he won’t earn the most points. Skinner (383) is followed by Jon Ortner (66) and visiting Italians Carlo Valenti (37) and Luca Trussaardi (413).

The second largest class: There is no doubt that 1962 was a good year because that is when you would have to have been born to be allowed in REM’s Over-50 Expert class. Jon Ortner decided to abandon his CRF450 and switch to a Yamaha YZ250F. It seemed like a bad idea in a class dominated by big horsepower bikes and riders with the talent to use them. But Ortner proved the pit pundits wrong as he motored through the pack to win both motos. The only riders that seemed to slow Ortner’s progress to the front were other riders on 250 four-strokes. But once he cleared the tiddlers, Jon Ortner dusted off the 450 competition quickly. Ortner went 1-1, Dave Eropkin 3-2, Mike Monaghan (on a RM-Z250) 5-2, Willie Amaradio 2-5 and Doug Frankos 6-4.

Both Dave Eropkin (811) and Jon Ortner (blue) have switched from their trusty CRF450s to Yamaha’s. Ortner to a YZ250F and Eropkin to the YZ450F. Ortner took the Over-50 Expert win in front of Eropkin, Mike Monaghan and Willie Amaardio.

Jason Chism (26) lets former Indian Dunes Pro Will Harper (8) get underneath him, while Scott Austin watches on. Harper would win the Vet Novice and Over-50 Intermediate classes.

The third largest class: The aging of American motocross is very evident in this week’s race turnout. The Over-50 Intermediates were the third largest class of the day (and only the third largest Over-50 classes). Will Harper swept both motos with Jeff Fahy second, Mark Hall third, Joe Sutter fourth and Jeff Mason fifth.

George Kohler used a Ryan Dungey Replica to win the Over-60 Expert class.

Kenny Campbell puts two-stroke power into Glen Helen’s decomposed granite soil. Campbell was third in the Over-40 Novices.

The fourth largest class: There was tie for the fourth largest class with three divisions having the exact same number of entrants ? Over-40 Intermediate (won by Dan Alamangos), Over-40 Novice (won by Cory Clark) and Over-30 Novice (won by Wil Harper…under REM rules a racer can move down one skill division per ten-year age gap…which meant that Harper could race the Over-40 Intermediates and Over-30 Novices).

Terry Varner (34) won the Over-50 Novice class (which was the biggest class of the day). Varner went 2-1 to Ty Larson’s 1-2.

Rick Richards trusts in centrifugal force to keep him hooked up on his way to the Vet Intermediate victory.

REM races again next Saturday, January 12. For more info go to


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