May 26, 2011
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Broc Shoemaker won the 450 Pro class.

Broc Shoemaker and Billy Musgrave won the 450 and 250 Pro classes respectively at Glen Helen’s REM races this weekend. The Falk brothers, Hunter and Justin traded motos wins in the 250 Intermediates, with Hunter getting the victory.

Billy Musgrave used to race the 250 Pro class on a YZ125, but recently switched to a YZ250.

Kenny Safford (far left) leads Tim Clark (313), Richard Merrill (224), Mike Hillion (413) and Bill Reiner (71) through a crowded corner.

For the first time in a long time the biggest class of the day was not the Over-50 Experts. Instead, the Over-40 Novice class managed to edge out the 50 Experts by one rider. Bryan Davis used a 2-1 to beat Don Wilson’s 1-2 for the Over-40 Novice gold. Tim Clark (3-5) was third with Kenny Safford (5-4) fourth and Paul Fitzgibbon (4-6) fifth.

Willy Simons won the hotly contested Over-50 Expert class in front of Dave Eropkin, Ron Lawson and Troy Lee.

Troy Lee (25) looked like he might win the Over-50 Expert class…but trouble at the start of the second moto left him in last place.

Willy Simons won the Over-50 Expert class in front of a top ten of Dave Eropkin (3-3), Dirt Bike editor Ron Lawson (5-2), Troy Lee (2-5), John Greenway (4-4), Randy Skinner (6-7), Dennis Boulware (8-8), Greg Nelson (11-6), former Pro Circuit pro rider Mike Monaghan (7-11) and David Blunk (10-9).

John Caper (44) pushes his way past Gerald Sumner (425) on his way to fourth in the Over-50 Intermediates.

The third largest class was the Over-50 Novices. Bernie Brown used a 2-1 to defeated Ray Glover (1-3) and Steve Sussman (4-2). The top ten was rounded out by Craig Johnston, Brian Underdahl, Dennis Smith, Kent Reed, Terry Varner, Brian Martin and John Tookey.

In the foreground is Pete Vetrano’s helmet and his TM MX450. Just in front of Pete is George Kohler and to their outside is David Blunk (280). All three riders were in the Over-50 Expert class.

Tom Holmes won the Over-60 Experts in front of Tom White (1-2), Ray Pisarski (3-3), Jody Weisel (4-4), Bengt Johansson (5-6) and Bill Seifert (7-5).


The best of the kids was Billy Musgrave, who won the 250 Pro class on a YZ250 two-stroke, while his dad Willy won the Over-40 Pro class.

Max Groom (659) leads Brandon Ward and Justin Falk (293).

Max Groom won the 450 Intermediate class, while his dad Greg was 15th in the Over-50 Experts.

Brandon Ward finished fifth in the 250 intermediate class, while his brothers Aryton (third in the 85 Novice class) and Alain (third in the 85 novice class) had a good day. Their father, Jeff Ward, sat out the weekend. Troy Lee’s son Max was flying in the 65cc Advanced class and dad was no slouch in the Over-50 Experts?finishing fourth overall with a 2-5 (coming from last place in moto two).

MXA’s John Basher was spending time on the 2011 KX450F because next week MXA starts testing the 2012 model.

Sean Bell, son of Mike Bell, won the 85 Beginner class while his Uncle Scott was third in the Over-50 Intermediates. Willy Simons Jr. won the 85 Expert class, while his dad, Willy Simons Sr. took the Over-50 Experts victory.

Chris Kelly (522) is split by Ryan Gilbert (271) and Shaun Hanson (119). Jeff Belknap (4) swings wide.

Steve Sussman was third in the Over-50 Novices, while his son Brandon won the 85 Intermediates. Jeff Belknap got a second in the Vet Intermediates and his son Tyler won the 65cc Beginner class.

250 Intermediate winner Hunter Falk.

250 Intermediate runner-up Justin Falk.

The brand breakdown this weekend was: Honda (32%), Yamaha (25%), Kawasaki (23%), KTM (9%), Suzuki (8%) and others (3%).

Chuck “Feets” Minert (45) has won the biggest races in America, had a factory BSA ride, appeared in “On Any Sunday” and raced his first race in 1947. In fact, he won the Catalina Grand Prix back in 1956. Feets will be 80-years-old in six weeks. No rider on the face of the earth has raced as many races as Feets Minert…he has raced every weekend of his life for 64 years. He is also a Korean War veteran…and we honor him on this “Memorial Day” week.

REM races again next Saturday, June 4. For more info go to www.remsatmx.com


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