August 19, 2012
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Dennis Boulware (44) complained of chest pains after practice and went to the ambulance for advice. They took his blood pressure and advised Dennis to get in the ambulance for a ride to the hospital. Sadly, Dennis didn’t make it. Fittingly, the last photo of Dennis is of him on his bike with the hammer down.

The REM motocross races at Glen Helen Raceway in SoCal suffered a loss when four-time REM Champion Dennis Boulware suffered a heart attack after practice and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Dennis was a friend to everyone at REM, which is more like a close-knit family than a racing organization. Boulware had raced every type of event during his career and although now 55-years-old he was still as competitive and determined as when he was young. He will be missed by all.

Although the racing went on?it was was a somber day at Glen Helen. Godspeed Dennis and prayers from his competitors to his family.

The Jones and Boulware families are very close. Justin Jones won his first-ever 450 Pro moto (moving up after Loretta Lynn), but when he came in from moto one and was told that Dennis Boulware had passed away, Justin loaded up and went home.

Dave Eropkin (811) won the first moto of the Over-50 Experts and looked like he was going to win the second moto, until LightSpeed’s Willie Amaradio (7) kicked it into overdrive and took the overall with a 2-1.

Is there room for one more? Rubbin’ may be racin’, but Joe Sutter (111) has managed to get his arm in front, while leaving his leg behind. When Joe broke left, he made the pass.

Remember Wild Willy Surratt? This is the former 125 West Supercross Champion’s son Ryan. Ryan won the 250 Intermediates on a YZ250 two-stroke.

This is the top of Mt.Whitney. Jody Weisel (left), Ray Pisarski (top) and T.V. Holmes (right) went one-two-three in the Over-60 Expert class.

REM is all about elevation gain. This is the third level in height?there are four. In the background you can see the jumps on the Lucas Oil Offroad Truck track.

Getting a drive makes all the difference in the world when faced with big hills.

Randy Skinner raced one moto on his RM250 two-stroke and one moto on MXA’s 2013 RM-Z450. 

George Kohler (52), Randy Skinner (303) and Greg Groom (12) raced for Over-50 Intermediate dominance. Although all three led laps, none of them won.

Alias’ Jeff Surwall decided that the best way to test his new gear was to throw it onto the ground.

Jeff’s ill-fated passing attempt for the lead in the Over-50 Experts left him no worse for the wear and…

…Jeff continued his pursuit of the pack (here he is chasing Ernie Becker’s KTM 125SX) later in the race.

As a sad reminder of Dennis Boulware, his truck and bike sat alone in the pits until his friends drove them home after the races were over.

Photos by Dan Alamangos and Ray Pisarski


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