January 26, 2014
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Stewie, Villopoto and Reed on the Oakland podium. They are the ones that aren’t showing their belly buttons.

(1) Vacation time: The RCH Suzuki team might as well change its name to the MIA Suzuki team because Oakland was a bust for them. Broc Tickle was nursing sore ribs from last week’s crash and couldn’t ride after stepping off early in the night. Then, Josh Hill broke his collarbone in his heat race. Ricky Carmichael wasn’t at Oakland, he was doing his Arenacross promotion duties somewhere else, but he may have to suit up next week at A3.

(2) Hands-off: Remember when Justin Bogle slapped Malcolm Stewart after take-out move in Dallas back in 2012. Bogle and Stewart got in trouble for violating the AMA’s “no touching” policy (and were fined $500 each). In Oakland Cooper Webb made a less than perfect pass on Malcolm and they went down in a heap. Stewart got up and shoved Webb. Under the way the original AMA “hands-off” policy was described, the force of the blow is not taken into account. The simple act to shoving, hitting, or touching another rider in an aggressive manner is verboten. Will fines be forthcoming again?

See the 2012 Dallas incident below:

Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig from ground level.

(3) Not so subtle: Jeff Emig has been a good solid color commentator, but with the rotating door of retired stars that they are bringing into the booth, it does look like Feld is running tryouts to take Jeffro’s spot next year. As a rule, color commentators, whether they are good or not, only last as long as they have fresh stories and insight to bring to the table. This week Jeremy McGrath was in the booth, Kevin Windham is schedule for next week and Ricky Carmichael has been a regular customer. Whichever way Feld decides to go, they don’t need two color commentators to work with the play-by-play announcer. One is enough.

It would be accurate to say that Josh Hill (75) has joined the injured list, but more accurate to say “rejoined.”

(4) They could have their own class: The injuries keep piling up, although we can expect a few of the previous mangled riders to start filtering back into the ranks, the double whammy of practice crashes at local tracks and war wounds from actual AMA Supercross combat is a little chilling when you see the complete list.

    Trey Canard……………Broken arm
    Davi Millsaps…………..Knee injury
    Joey Savatgy…………..Broken wrist,collapsed lung
    Justin Bogle…………….Broken vertebra
    Austin Howell………….Broken thumb, collapsed lung
    Marvin Musquin……….Knee injury (ACL)
    Casey Hinson………….Broken hand, facial fractures
    Blake Baggett………….Broken foot
    Broc Schmelyun………Broken legs
    Ben Lamay……………..Dislocated wrist, broken jaw
    Austin Politelli………….Broken femur
    Eli Tomac………………..Rotator cuff
    Dillon Huddleston…….Broken thumb
    Shane Sewell………….Broken foot
    Brett Hottel………………Broken femur
    Zach Bell…………………Broken collarbone
    Cody Gilmore………….Broken collarbone
    Les Smith………………..Dislocated ribs
    Ronnie Ray……………..Broken leg
    Darryn Durham…………Concussion
    Josh Hill…………………..Broken collarbone
    Broc Tickle……………….Wrist injury

Ryan Villopoto contemplates his navel, points lead and bonus checks.

(5) Live or virtually live: The live TV coverage has been great for the fans and it can’t possibly hurt the ratings of the Fox Sports Channel given the tripe they show when Supercross isn’t on. In the coming weeks, Anaheim II and San Diego will be live on Fox Sports 1 (FS1). Dallas and Atlanta will be live, but on Fox Sports 2 (the old Fuel channel, which doesn’t have the viewership of Fox Sports 1). If you don’t get FS2, you will have to wait until Sunday to see both Dallas and Atlanta delayed on FS1. Indy (FS1) and Daytona (CBS) will be live. Detroit will be taped delayed on FS2, but shown the next day on FS1. Toronto, St. Louis, Houston and Seattle will be live on Fox Sports 1. New York will be live on FS2 and shown the next day on both CBS and FS1. The finale in Las Vegas will be live on FS1.

Just another Saturday night in Oakland.

(6) Luck has nothing to do with it: Jason Anderson is either the luckiest guy in the sport, or Dean Wilson is the unluckiest. Anderson won his third out of the four races, every one of them with last lap passes. In fact, Anderson has only led 6 laps out of 40 so far this season. In Oakland, Dean Wilson was the fastest rider and was on his way to an almost guaranteed win when his bike stalled?letting Anderson and Justin Hill by. Here is what Deano had to say…

(7) The pecking order: Vince Freise got the holeshot in the 450 main event?which earned him a $1500 bonus. But, when a 14th place guy gets the holeshot it isn’t long until he’s back in 14th place?which is where Vince finished (a lap down).

(8) Halfway: The 250 West series is closing in on the halfway point. They have A3 and San Diego left before taking a very long break (seven weeks to be accurate). The 250 West will return for round 7 in Houston and round 8 in Seattle. The final and 9th round will be the weirdly configured Las Vegas triple header (250 East, 250 West and 250 East/West Challenge).

A broken finger killed Matt Goerke’s Supercross season early on. Now he’s just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

(9) Counting coup: Winning Championships is all about collecting points. After 4 rounds of the 17-round 450 Supercross title chase only six riders are still within less than one race behind Ryan Villopoto in points. The 7th rider is Justin Barcia, who is already 28 points behind leader Ryan Villopoto (which means Villopoto could skip a race and Barcia still couldn’t catch him in points). Every rider after 10th in points is two races behind in points and that list includes Ivan Tedesco, Broc Tickle, Mike Alessi, Weston Peick, Matt Moss, Nick Wey and Matt Goerke. Kyle Chisholm, Jimmy Albertson and Chris Blose are three races behind after only four races.

10. And then there were four: In the 250 West class, only Cole Seely, Dean Wilson and Zach Osborne are still within one race, 25 points, of Jason Anderson, And, only four other riders are within two races, 50 points, of Anderson’s lead (Cooper Webb, Justin Hill, Malcolm Stewart and Jessy Nelson). Every rider from ninth on down is more than 50 points behind…and in an nine-race series?that shortens it to a six-race series for the chasers.


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