May 27, 2013
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Dubbed “Composite Fusion Plus,” the Prana Carbon incorporates an inner foam liner of pyramid-like structure of different foam densities. These structures take the brunt of the initial impact and direct energy sideways within the foam instead of linearly down to your head. Essentially, the “Composite Fusion Plus” features a shock absorbing liner based on a series of compressible cones that work much like the crumple zones on a car. The cones are arranged to provide varying degrees of compression so that the more delicate areas of the riders skull are offered greater protection. The result is a lighter and stronger helmet design. MXA is familiar with dual-density foam, but Kali’s forward-thinking design is intriguing. By using two densities of foam and arranging them in a unique porcupine layout, the Kali Prana absorbs energy as the pointy parts crush laterally.

VERDICT: On MXA’s scale, any helmet that weighs less than three pounds is exceptionally light. The Kali Prana Carbon weighed in at a svelte 2.75 pounds (size Medium). The Kali Prana Carbon is available in sizes XS through XL, and in two color ways (Skari black or white).

Kali also sells the Prana FRP, which has a fiberglass shell and retails for $249. The Prana Carbon comes with a thin storage bag, as well as a very nice helmet travel bag. If you are looking for a very lightest, high-end, certified motocross helmet?this is it. The ingenious pyramid-shaped, dual-density, inner foam liner is a show stealer. It won the “Invention of the Year” award from Australia’s ABC-TV network and is a worthy contender in the U.S. helmet market. $349.00 ( Prana Carbon), $249 (Prana FRP)? or (408) 778-2700.


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