June 10, 2013
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Yes, those are two-strokes on the cover of MXA, but you shouldn’t be too surprised because out of the last 12 covers of Motocross Action, four have been two-stroke covers. Why? Because two-stroke are selling like hot cakes and people are starting to appreciate what we had before the bureaucrats gave the four-strokes a displacement advantage of epic proportions.

KTM is a successful company because they are flat-out, full-on and all about machinery. Take the KTM 65SXS as an example. It is the race version of the standard 2013 KTM 65SX, but even with its trick parts it is still “Stock Class” legal. It is the Munchkin version of the Ryan Dungey Replica 450SXF-FE.

Gyro Gearloose? Ever heard of him? He was a comic book inventor that was featured in “Scrooge McDuck” comics. Okay, you may be too young for Scrooge McDuck or too old for comic books, but you are never too young or too old to enjoy crackpot inventions.

Jeffrey Herlings may be the next King of Motocross, but will he be just European Royalty or try to replicate the success of the Roczen and Musquin? We find out.

As part of MXA’s World Two-Stroke Championship coverage we built a quiver of smokers for Austin Politelli, Darryll Ecklund, Trent Pugmire, Robby Bell, Dennis Stapleton, Broc Armbruster, Brett Hottel and the rest of the MXA test crew to race. All the bikes are shown in a pictorial called “Two-Strokes of the MXA Wrecking Crew.” This is our 2013 Yamaha YZ125.

Robby Bell raced MXA’s all-white KTM 125SX. Why white? MXA made all of its World Two-Stroke bikes white so we could find each other.

We went to Mitch Payton to build our 2013 Husqvarna CR144 race bike. Why Mitch? Because Mitch started as a Husky racer, became a Husqvarna shop owner and rose to fame by building the fastest Husky CR125s on the planet. Dennis Stapleton raced this bike (and there is a full story inside this issue explaining everything that was done to it).

MXA’s coverage of the World Two-Stroke Championship is loaded with photos, but the most intriguing part was to get Jody to tell the history of the two-stroke versus four-stroke wars from his point of view?which started in 1965. Why Jody? Because he was there.

Need the answer to a brain teaser that has kept you from getting the most out of your bike? Wonder who won what and when? Need a quick kick in the pants? Go to the MXperts.

Here is an all-white two-stroke that MXA didn’t have to order UFO plastic for. We tested the 2013 TM 144MX while we were prepping for the World Two-stroke Championships. We tell you how it compares to the KTM 150SX.

Confused about race gas? We were, so we broke down every variety of VP Racing Fuel into a simple-to-read chart that explains what fuel works best in what bike.

MXA’s John Basher confesses to being a Kawasaki fan, which is a big no-no for an objective test rider. But guess what? We checked his test forms for the 2013 MXA 450 Shootout and his number one choice was the KTM 450SXF. That may have been his choice, but he built his own hopped-up version of the 2013 KX450F to race. He left no stone unturned ? well, he did leave some parts of the bike alone. Guess which ones.


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