January 12, 2011
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Sometimes you win, and other times you find yourself flying through the air like a bean bag. Privateer Josh Greco fit into the latter category during his heat race at Anaheim 1 and wasn’t able to complete the LCQ. Hopefully Josh is injury free and bounces back.

Although he didn’t list any sponsors, here’s a plug for Mr. Greco (and a photo of him styling out over the finish line in practice). Photos: John Basher


Cedric in Geneva on his KTM 250. He will be number 986 at Phoenix.

French rider Cedric Soubeyras will be the man to watch in Phoenix?not because the French rider has much of a chance, but because he is being sponsored by David Vuillemin to race a 2010 Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke (it used to be Steve Lamson’s play bike). Soubeyras has built a name for himself on the European Supercross circuit on a KTM 250SX, and MXA was impressed with him when we saw him at Geneva this winter. But Euro Supercross tracks and Euro competition are not the same as the American ones. Soubeyras will be considered a major success if he makes the main event.

Unfortunately, Cedric crashed his YZ250 on his first day of practicing on a local American Supercross track and may not be able to race in Phoenix. David Vuillemin says that Cedric might have to delay his American debut until Dodger Stadium.


Before the A1 races started we asked Josh Hansen about his off-season preparations to see if he was really serious about racing this year. He told us, and then stamped on a big exclamation point with wins in his heat and the main event.

MXA: What was your program during the off-season?

Josh: The entire off-season I’ve been in Australia, racing. It was great, there’s nothing better for preparation than racing. I’ve been riding the 450 and I feel like it’s making me strong. I just got back a few weeks ago and I’ve been concentrating on the 250 and preparing for the west coast series.

MXA: How do the Australian Supercross track compare to the US tracks.

Josh: I thought tracks were pretty good. They’re definitely shorter. They were about forty second lap times and here they can be up to a minute long. Some of the races are a little bit shorter as well. There are four, eight-lap main events versus one, fifteen-lap main event, and that’s a little bit different?the intensity I way up there. It’s a good difference though. Like I said there’s nothing better than racing, so I think I got good practice.

MXA: With tighter tracks, was there more bumping and slamming in the turns?

Josh: There definitely was. I tried to get good starts and stay out of that mess. Some of those guys aren’t scared to just bash you.

MXA: You’re not afraid to bash though either, right?

Josh: No, I’m not, but still wanted to stay out of it so I would have no problems. All good press.

Josh winning A1.

MXA: How do you like the new 2011 250F?

Josh: Just being on it for a few weeks and it’s awesome. The new EFI kind of took us a little while to figure out; we lost a little power on the bottom. Pro Circuit always seems to catch on to stuff quickly, and honestly, now we have got the bikes really, really good. Plus, not to have to worry about a bog is good, the safety factor is a little better.

MXA: Have you noticed any difference with the forks?

Josh: Yeah I have. It seems like there are a lot more areas to improve on the new forks. The forks have always been good, but I feel that with these there are more adjustments that you can make. I have had nothing but good experiences with them.


Click on the image above to view our Facebook page.

This past Friday MXA launched the Motocross Action Facebook page. If you’re a Facebook member, please be sure to take a look at our page. We have uploaded old MXA cover photos, several videos, and we’re constantly uploading photos and updating our wall with news. You can be involved too, either by uploading your own photos of your bike or getting involved in topic discussions (or both!). And if that’s not enough, we’re going to be giving away gear and products randomly to those who click the “Like” button on our page. To view the page, click here.


Villopoto’s race bike.

Mike Williamson (Ryan Villopoto’s mechanic) let us get up close and scrutinize their bike. He even answered most of our questions about trick factory parts, and told us about all the cool, new stuff on the factory Kawasaki for 2011. Mike didn’t try to keep secrets because the main goal with most of these part was losing weight, and it’s no secret how to do that: be meticulous. All of Kawasaki’s new parts are made in-house.

There are new, lightweight, magnesium side cases and blue bling.

The new launch control device has two-positions.

Is that an electric starter button on the left side of the handlebars? No way, Kawasaki was trying to lose weight, not pack it on. It’s a rev limiter system to help at the start of the race. When the button is pushed, the bike runs at a specific, predetermined and optimum rpm setting for the start. When the gate is about to drop, Villopoto doesn’t have to worry about his throttle hand, just the clutch.

Villopoto’s bike has a billet, clutch actuation arm. It provides the option to change length and leverage ratio, although Mike says they rarely deviate from stock spec.

Blue is in. The factory Kawasaki bike are spruced up cosmetically with blue highlights in the graphics, wheel hubs, engine plugs and miscellaneous parts.

FMF gets the nod from Factory Kawasaki for 2011. We noticed right away that the dimensions of this system were different than the production FMF system we have for our KX450F. For one thing it was shorter, which should help  low-end power needed in Supercross. We’re not too jealous though as the off-the-shelf pipe works pretty well.

The weight of every bracket, wire harness, spacer, etc. was examined and often reduced. It’s not all exotic materials either. Often, it’s just about reducing volume. This is a spare parts drawer in the semi truck.


Perris Raceway, Southern California’s oldest motocross racing facility, will reopen this Friday. Perris Raceway has been a motorcycle race track since 1958 and will once again be a premier practice and racing facility, and the home of the best lights and night riding in Southern California.

Perris Raceway has aligned with Pala Raceway and members of Perris Raceway and Pala Raceway will have access to both at both premiere motocross venues with a double membership giving added benefits to Southern California Motocross riders.

Perris Raceway will reopen for practice on Friday January 14th and Saturday January 15th (9am-Dusk) for practice. There is a race on Sunday. Within 45 days Perris Raceway will be fully reopened, and will be open for practice six days a week and will offer night riding on the Main Track. Future development plans include remodeling the Mini Bike track and building a Vet Track. Visit for more information.


Even though he’s a former World Champion and proved his speed to Americans in outdoors last year, Tyla Rattray was a question mark coming into the Supercross series. A solid podium finish in the main event puts those questions to rest. We talked to Tyla before the race to see how he made sure his rookie debut would go well.

MXA: Can you tell us a little bit about your off-season and what you’ve been doing to prepare?

Tyla: The off season went pretty well. I’ve obviously been riding a lot of supercross and I’m working with Aldon Baker now. We’ve got the new EFI on the 250Fs, and our bikes are fast. The guys at Pro Circuit have been working hard with our suspension and Mitch been doing a really good job on the engines, finding us more power, and I’m looking forward to going racing for sure.

MXA: What do you think about the new SFF forks on the KX250F?

Tyla: The forks are awesome. We’ve been doing a lot of testing and we’ll be racing with them this year. I think what we have now is better than what we had last year, so it’s a step forward. We’ve been doing a lot of testing and Bones has been doing a great job. It’s going to be awesome to get out there. Racing Supercross is new for me, this is my first year racing Supercross and I’m looking forward to getting out there.

MXA: Do you think you can be good at Supercross?

Tyla: Yeah, I’ve been riding pretty good. I’ve been doing a lot of laps around our test tracks as well as riding a bunch of other tracks just to try to adjust to different ones. I have good teammates, a lot of them are winning, they’re fast too, so I’ve got good guysto  judge against. My speed has been pretty good, and I’m just looking forward to a healthy Supercross season. It’s going to be a long season. We have six races, then a pretty big break, and the last two. My Long term plan is just to stay healthy. When we have the long break I’ll start testing some outdoor stuff, getting ready for the motocross season. Then it’s back to Supercross for three weeks and then back to motocross. My main goal is just to stay healthy the whole year and just be there at every race.


According to TMZ, Carey Hart has filed a lawsuit against the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for allegedly withholding his share of profits. The freestyle rider, who is married to rock singer Pink, claimed that the establishment “hid profits and inflated prices” behind his back without paying out proper dividends. Hart, whose company S&H Projects made an investment in the Hard Rock’s Wasted Lounge upon its opening in July 2008, also accused the hotel of manipulating the finances in order to distract shareholders from management issues they were experiencing. The Hard Rock denies that the lounge made any profits before its closure in August 2010. Hart is seeking unspecified damages.


In May of 2010 motocross lost Jeagher LaFountaine, an up-and-coming A rider out of Southern California. Jeagher had a huge passion for motocross, and he touched a lot of lives doing a sport he loved. Jeagher’s familyhas hooked up with PanicRev Ministries to launch the JL59 Foundation to honor Jeagher and to impact the sport that Jeagher loved so much. One of Jeagher’s goals was to race the Supercross Series. Recognizing this, the JL59 Foundation has partnered with the Truth MX/MB1/PanicREV Team to honor Jeagher, his goals, and his memory. Keep an eye out for Ben Evans, Bryce Vallee, and the Truth MX/MB1/PanicREV Supercross Team as they honor Jeagher LaFountaine through their efforts during the West Coast 250 West series. Please check out for information about the foundation.


Weimer and a young fan.

It’s difficult to say anything bad about a personable, hard working guy like Jake Weimer?who was just about to make his debut in the premier 450 class at A1. It doesn’t seem fair that one little mistake can cost you so much on a Supercross track. Ten days before the Supercross season started Jake Weimer broke arm on a private test track. When asked what happened, Weimer just makes the endo gesture with his good hand.

That’s a lot of metal in that X-ray.

Weimer still seems to be in good spirits though. He happily signs autographs, takes fan pictures and fulfills his other obligation to his sponsors and shows his X-rays on his iPhone. Also on his iPhone are disturbing pictures of his arm with stitches and fracture blisters. The pics are not for the faint of heart (if you have a strong curiosity and equally strong stomach type ‘fracture blisters’ into google images). “When there is that much trauma, it swells so fast that the stuff has to go somewhere,” commented Weimer.

MXA has tracked down a place where youy can buy brand-new 86, 110, 125, 200 and bigger engines for your projects. Yes, they are made in China, mostly by Lifan, but when you are looking for a replacement engine, pickers can’t be choosers.


Pumping out an awesome 4.7 horsepower with its 8.8:1 compression ratio, this little engine has electric start.


This brand-new 200cc Lifan four-stroke engine comes with a five-speed manual transmission, electric and kick start and 12 horsepower.


No mods or accessories will be needed. This is an easy way to upgrade your 50 to an 86. Want more power and don’t want the manual clutch headaches? This is it.

LIFAN 125c ENGINE FOR THE XR50, CRF50, Z50 AND XR70: $284

The Lifan 125cc high-performance race engine lets you upgrade your stock 50cc to a 125cc monster. The engine comes with a high-quality 4-disc clutch and a 22mm carburetor. It fits the Honda CRF50, CRF70, XR50, XR70, Z50, CT70 Mini Trail, XL70, QA50, SL70, Passport and SL90.

For more info go to or call (909) 980-8806.


It is obvious from this photo that Joel Robert (on bike) and Roger DeCoster (background) weren’t the best dressed men in Belgium…although the bowler hats add a touch of class. Roger will explain this photo to anyone who asks this weekend in Phoenix.


The term flex-fuel refers to a system capable of running on any mixture of ethanol and gasoline, regardless of the ratio. Honda has developed a flex-fuel EFI system that will run on  ethanol, gasoline, or a mixture of the two.

The amount of fuel injection is adjusted depending on the ratio of gasoline and ethanol in the fuel tank, ensuring optimum combustion conditions at all times. Honda’s developed fuel injection system has very little application to modern motocross?but no one knows that the future holds in terms on increased amounts of ethanol is pump gas.


Who is 30? Check the handy-dandy MXA list to find out. In fact, print it out and take it to the races with you because the program doesn’t have three-digit numbers in it.

This isn’t every rider with an AMA National number, but it is all that MXA could compile in the first week of the 2011 season. We will add more as they are revealed to us by the AMA.

1…..Ryan Dungey  
1…..Trey Canard
1…..Jake Weimer
1…..Christophe Pourcel
2…..Ryan Villopoto
3…..Mike Brown
5…..Ryan Dungey (not used in 2011)
7…..James Stewart
9…..Ivan Tedesco
10…Justin Brayton
11…Kyle Chisholm
12…Tommy Hahn
13…Heath Voss
14…Kevin Windham
15…Dean Wilson
16…John Dowd
17…Justin Barcia
18…David Millsaps
19…Eli Tomac
20…Broc Tickle
21…Blake Wharton
22…Chad Reed
23…Martin Davalos
24…Brett Metcalfe
25…Ryan Sipes
26…Michael Byrne
27…Nick Wey
28…Tyla Rattray
29…Andrew Short
30…Kyle Regal
31…Wil Hahn
32…Jake Weimer
33…Josh Grant
34…Dan Reardon
35…Kyle Cunningham
36…Cole Seely
37…Darryn Durham
38…Chris Blose
39…Matt Goerke
40…Tommy Searle
41…Trey Canard  
42…Nico Izzi
43…Weston Peick
44…Les Smith
45…Vince Friese
46…Alex Martin
47…Jason Thomas
48…Matt Lemoine
49…Ben Evans
50…Matt Boni
51…Steven Clarke
52…Max Anstie
53…Jarred Browne
54…Jason Lawrence
55…Tommy Weeck
56…Phillip Nicoletti
57…Blake Baggett
58…Travis Baker
59…Matt Moss
60…Killy Rusk
61…Austin Howell
62…Robert Kiniry
63…Justin Keeney
64…Derek Anderson
65…Hunter Hewitt
66…James DeCotis
67…Travis Sewell
68…Michael Willard
69…Heath Harrison
70…Tevin Tapia
71…Ryan Morais
72…Nicholas Paluzzi
73…Topher Ingalls
74…Austin Stroupe
75…Josh Hill
76…Kyle Partridge
77…Ian Trettel
78…Sean Borkenhagen
79…Chris Johnson
80…Troy Adams
81…Robby Marshall
82…Shane Sewell
83…Shane Durham
84…Josh Demuth
85…Ryan Clark
86…Jacob Morrison
87…Drew Yenerich
88…Jeff Gibson
89…Taylor Futrell
90…Terren Odell
91…Josh Clark
92…Taylor Robert
93…Hunter Clements
94…Ricky Renner
95…Tyler Medaglia
96…Lowell Spangler
97…Kyle Summers
98…Bobby Bonds
99…Ryan Abrigo
100…Josh Hansen
101…Ben Townley
102…Chris Gosselaar
108…Jimmy Albertson
115…Robert Fitch
125…Marvin Musquin
129…Vernon McKiddle
132…Kyle Beaton
133…Myles Tedder
144…Christian Craig
149…Casey Hinson
152…Scott Champion
153…Gregory Crater
156…Jason Anderson
166…Dakota Tedder
194…Ken Roczen
201…Cameron Rodriquez
207…Sean Collier
216…Jared Boothroyd
222…Chris Howell
244…Ryan Zimmer
247…Teddy Parks
278…Parker Anthony
311..Jesse Kangas
314…Alex Ray
329…Chad Gores
337…Jeremy O’Driscoll
374…Cody Gilmore
377…Christophe Pourcel
387…Gareth Swanepoel
402…Josh Lajiness
409…Dillon Huddleston
415…Nicholas Schmidt
429…Richard Rinauro
447…Devon Raper
497…Spencer Knowles
501…Scott Wennerstrom
505…Sean Lipanovich
516…Brian Foster
520…Tony Gallo
526…Ben Lamay
533…Gannon Audette
534…Travis Freistat
536…Erick Meusling
565…Preston Mull
571…Coby Adair
575…Chappy Fiene
586…Dennis Ewing
592…Jake Canada
614…Joshua Jackson
620…Brad Nauditt
628…Joey Rossi
643…Jake Oswalt
647…Parker Eckman
652…Dustin Pipes
662…Travis Bannister
680…Ty Keenom
690…Ricky Winters
705…Dylan McKee
707…Alex Millican
711…Ronnie Goodwin
722…Adam Enticknap
726…Gared Steinke
727…Rhett Urseth
732…Tye Hames
737…Tanner Reidman
750…Jared Hicks
758…Jason Potter
772…Robert Noftz
773…Walt Van Olden
793…Uta Ikegaya
795…Bruce Rutherford
800…Mike Alessi
801…Jeff Alessi
804…Jason Langford
809…Kyle Calderini
814…Bryce Vallee
815…Brandon Powell
831…Ryan Smith
854…Landon Powell
879…Brandon Brady
885…Jeffrey Mann
887…Daniel Sanders
903…Antonio Balbi
918…Michael Akaydin
921…Manuel Rivas
927…P.J. Larsen
942…Tye Simmonds
952…Adam Conway
965…Travis Bright
971…Nathan Malyszek
973…Phil Klalow
976…Josh Greco
981…Sebastien Buttner
983…Ivo Monticelli
984…Rasmus Sjoberg
986…Cedric Soubeyras
995…Ryan Marmont


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