January 30, 2011
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It was difficult to navigate the stadium, but once seated the view was great.

The fans showed up at Dodger Stadium. They were treated to spectacular racing.


Austin Stroupe has been easing his way back into Supercross after a shoulder injury, electing to run practice and heat races at Anaheim One and Phoenix, but take a DNS in the main event. When Austin lead his heat race at Phoenix, it brought the exciting prospect of yet another fast guy thrown into an already stacked field of competition. Austin’s overall championship hopes may not be high, but if he can run up front, he can play the role of wildcard winner or championship spoiler. It’s disappointing to see someone lead a heat and not show up for the main, so at the next round in Los Angeles, we caught Austin at dinner time before the race to see what’s up, and try to talk him into racing the main event.

MXA: What are you having here for race prep food?

Austin: I’ve got a little chicken and pasta and some salad. A nice little dinner at the race. Got the protein and the pasta.

MXA: Tell us about your season, so far.

Austin: At the first two rounds I did practice and at Phoenix I did the heat race. My shoulder is still a little sore, so I’m just taking the time to get re-adapted to everything. I’m on the 450 this year full time. We’ve just been taking our time and getting things pieced together. We got kind of a late start, we didn’t start until late November.

MXA: Tell us about the injury.

Austin: The injury was a big deal. It put me out for seven months. It was only supposed to be four, and then I injured it again when I was training for outdoors and that put me another two months behind. It’s really just a bad shoulder injury and it has lingered a bit longer than I thought it would. Hurting it again after healing up just built more tissue, and it put me behind.

MXA: Are you still doing any rehab?

Austin. Really, the shoulder isn’t a bother anymore until I ride. There is soreness, with the intensity of Supercross and taking a couple hits here and there. It’s a combination of my shoulder, getting used to the bike and a mixture of things why I haven’t raced and I’ve been taking my time.

MXA: Tell us about your heat race in Phoenix.

Austin: Holeshot! I was not expecting that. I saw that Stewart was there and thought ?Oh man, let me move to the side.’ But I actually rode really well, I was proud of myself and I hung on for third. I ended the night on a god note and didn’t want to do anything else, so I was happy enough. It was great, I’m excited to do the whole season and I want to stay healthy.

MXA: Tell us about being on 450s instead of 250s.

Austin: This whole team is on 450s and the big bikes are a challenge. We’re doing it, though, and it’s good.

Stroupe with Andrew Short in pursuit in Dodger Stadium.

MXA: Anything else you want to say, or anyone you want to thank?

Austin: I just want to give a shout out to my family on the East Coast. I want to thank all the guys at Valli Motorsports, John, my mechanic Burnsey, the owner Chad and Scott USA.

MXA: Are you going to race the main event tonight?

Austin: Uhh, I’ll leave that open. [Stroupe would go on to race the main and finish 12th].


In order: Shane Weslotorn, Dave Osterman, Doug Bourbon and Lars Lindstrom.

Chad Reed’s Twotwo Motorsports is the newest team in the pits. Putting together a race effort is a huge task, and Twotwo Motorsports had to come together quickly. We talked to Dave “Ozzy” Osterman to get the details and the behind-the-scenes info.

MXA: Putting a team together is a huge task, how have you been handling it?

Dave: It is a lot of work, by I have to tell you everything here has been smoother than smooth. Chad and his wife have been awesome, the book keeper has been awesome. I think we hold the record for being under the gun. I thought Valli Motorsports had done it, it was pretty nutty. Having done this for years I knew it was a huge mountain to climb. I feel like we had two mountains to climb but we did it, between the people I just mentioned, Pro Circuit and a good crew who were factory guys elsewhere. I don’t have to babysit, we all know what our job is, what all know what our task is and we’re moving this ship forward. I’m sure there is an Iceberg out there, I have to think that way.

MXA: How quick did the team have to come together?

Dave: Pretty quick. Right around election time Chad and I shook hands and got the ball rolling. We pretty much developed out of a pickup truck and then bought a box van and all these things. Chad is involved in every mission, every direction and all these things. From the clothing people on down everyone has been really good. You have to understand, when we came into the fray of this, everybody had schedules. Even though the name Chad Reed has some clout, it was still an ordeal. Even to get a pit cart built was tough because we were last minute. Most people were embroiled in the holidays with Thanksgiving and Christmas. They could care less about a new team, even though it was a pinnacle guy. I’m not making excuses, in fact, all of this motivates me. That’s been a great part of the team, everyone has been really, really motivated. I never looked at the calendar, and those questions were kind of irritating to me. ?Boy, you must be really busy,’ or ?Boy, you must have a lot of work.’  I appreciate everybody’s concern, but what do you say?

MXA: Are you getting more sleep now that the season is under way?

Dave: I’m not getting a lot of sleep. Twenty hour work days were good days. My dog doesn’t even know me very well anymore. It’s funny to hear, but everybody has been running since we got into this thing. Every other program I’ve been on, even the mighty Pro Circuit, I went to bed with a thousand things on my mind and it was tough to fall asleep. With this team, every night I get home and I’m out like a light and I don’t’ worry, everything has gone so smooth. Lars was Factory Honda. My driver was Factory Suzuki. Norm Bigelow has been with Kawi and been in the sport for fifty years like me. Everybody here is really professional and it has been a blessing. Even the truck we got was a great find and a good buy. It wasn’t easy, but I’m a nut anyway. I want to beat everybody. I want to show everybody we can do it, because Chad Reed is still a winner in my book.

Reed’s rear end snapped back and he saved this huge slide at A1.

MXA: What kind of feedback has Chad given so far? Is he comfortable on the bike and team?

Dave: Chad is a phenomenal test rider, at least for himself. He can feel a tire in a lap and a half and then throw down some lap times to back it up. He’s been good because he knows what he wants, but you have to remember everybody around us, quote “in the top five” has danced with their partner before. They even know where the spoons are in their truck. We don’t. It’s not an excuse, it’s just fact. The only dancing Chad did on a Honda was in Australia, and now he’s leaner and meaner and that was months ago. We have more horsepower and a better, fitter Chad and he has evolved. Even his trainers are world class, they have done stuff with Lance Armstrong. We have a lot of top people helping and supporting us.

MXA: Is there anyone you want to thank?

Dave: I’d like to mention the crew, because it’s really not me. Lars Lindstrom is the lead mechanic. Doug Bourbon runs testing, R&D, and development. Mike McQuillen is the training guy from Florida. Shane Weslotorn is our driver. Also Norm Bigelow, plus Chad and his wife and Chris “Beeker.” The WMG Management Group has been awesome with me because my whole focus is avoiding icebergs and being drama free. Of course, Bones from Pro Circuit and Scott from Showa. It’s really been a good effort. Sometimes you feel like you’re falling out of an airplane and you are grabbing branches. But, everything on my list gets done. The Hart and Huntington guys have been phenomenal and have helped us out immensely. They have a fab shop in Corona. Ryan and Scott run that for Carey Hart. We have been blessed to have their help. I’m the kind of guy who just comes up with stuff and I want it yesterday. They have been really great about getting it to me yesterday. Skull Candy, Bel-Ray, Honda, everybody has been cooperative and trying to get us where we need to be. People bring up the Emig and McGrath teams that failed. I love those guys, who doesn’t?they are icons, but at the end of the day, it’s a different time, a different place, and the machine behind us is really tight.


Big news for amateur stars! There has never been an amateur race connected to an FIM Grand Prix, but for the first time there will be an Grand Prix Amateur Championship. Word has leaked out that Glen Helen will be holding amateur races on Thursday, May 12, and Friday, May 13. The USGP will be held on May 14 and May 15. There will be classes for all skills and divisions and they will race on the GP track. The official schedule has not been released, but this race will be a first. Check the Glen Helen site for more details (but none are up yet)?


Kaipo with his unobtainable Kayaba hardware.

MXA: What are all the responsibilities that go with your job?

Kaipo: A lot of it is testing and developing, when we have a new bike or at the beginning of the season. We do research on what the rider wants, especially if there is a new rider. We set the bike up to where he is comfortable with everything chassis-related, including internal valving and settings, bike position, tire selection and whatever it takes to make the bike handle well.

MXA: Obviously you spend a lot of time at tests tracks, but what’s your role at the races?

Kaipo: My role here at the races is to pay attention to the riders and see how the track is developing, see what lines are working and not working, pay attention to how the bike is functioning. The terrain can be different and make the bike handle different. From there, we watch videos and communicate with the riders to see what they feel and make any changes that are needed. Sometimes changes are done internally. Most times it’s just a clicker change and done externally, but at times we will make changes internally and I’m here just in case we have to. A lot of stuff that we work with is stuff that we have developing in testing, so we know what works and what doesn’t work so the direction we should go with the bikes is pretty clear. We can watch videos between practice, see how the track is developing and diagnose what areas the bike is the best and where it’s not the best. The bike for 2011 the bike is awesome, we made a lot of positive improvements without even digging very deep.


Craig led the main at A1 too, before hitting the deck.

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda’s Christian Craig injured his knee while leading the heat race at the L.A. round this past weekend. We just got word today that the injury is not as bad as originally thought. Christian tore the patella tendon from the bone. He is having surgery to reattach it and is expected to be back on the bike in 6-8 weeks.

Following the race in Los Angeles, Christian had this to say: “I ended up holeshotting the heat race, and somebody crossed over on me when I was in the air. I landed on him and went down pretty hard. I hurt my knee pretty bad and that ended my night. I dont know exactly whats wrong with it yet, but hopefully I’m not off the bike too long. I’m going to work really hard to get back out there as soon as I can.”

Look for #144 Christian Craig to be back on the bike for the last couple rounds of Supercross! TLD would like to thank all of our team sponsors: Lucas Oil, American Honda, PPG, Red Bull, SillyBrandz Global, Adidas, BioLytical Labs, Dunlop, McQueen Racing, VQ OrthoCare, Shock Doctor, Skullcandy, Renthal, Alpinestars, Pro Circuit, Primm MX Collection, Couts Heating & Cooling, Selle Italia, N-Style, VP Racing Fuels, ODI, DID, Rossignol, Pacific Collision Centers, Muc-Off, Kasey Kahne, Elrod Racing, New Era, Leatt, Cycra, Hammerhead, Hinson, Light Speed, Moto Tassinari, Twin Air, Talon, QTM, and EPIC Action Camera.


For the 2011 AMA Supercross season Risk Racing has teamed up with Monster Energy / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki and Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oils / Honda.  These two premier teams are completely dominating the Holeshots and the race wins in the 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross 250cc Championship series.

The proof is in the results. So far in the 2011 250cc season we have seen a total 6 heat races and 3 main events.  Of those races, Risk Racing sponsored riders have won nearly every single Holeshot and race win. The credit goes to a winning combination of great teams, incredibly talented riders, and of course to training with the Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Starting Gate.  Risk Racing is honored and excited to be working with teams and riders of such caliber. “Training with a real gate can make a massive impact with results, even for these top level pro riders,” comments James Burry from Risk Racing.  “Watching the races and seeing one of our sponsored riders nab a holeshot is always fun. Seeing them dominate almost every Holeshot and win is exhilarating.”

Heat 1 from the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles this past weekend took “nabbing a Holeshot” to the next level. It looked like text book Holeshot technique from both teams using the Risk Racing Holeshot Gate. The first corner was nothing but Pro Circuit and TLD riders as they competed for the first corner and overall win. Ultimately, TLD rider Cole Seely would steal the night coming out on top with the main event win.

James Burry commented about the results “Seeing the impact of our relationship with these teams is proof to me that what we are doing here at Risk Racing is working. It is my hope that our products are creating equal results for amateur racers across the globe.”    


The only thing better than winning three races in a row is finishing first and second. That is exactly what TUF Racing Jeff Gibson and Cole Siebler did last weekend!   In front of a very enthusiastic Dayton crowd, Jeff put his FMF powered Honda on the top spot of the podium for the third time this season.

Adding to TUF racing’s night was TUF’s other rider Cole Siebler finishing up in second right behind Gibson, giving the Cernic’s Honda backed team their first one two finish of the year. Gibson racing in front of his home town fans pulled a huge holeshot on his Dunlop equiped Honda. Jeff had the track wired as he had a five second lead after only one lap.  Nothing seem to go wrong for the Factory Connection suspended rider as he went wire to wire for what look like an easy victory. TUF Racing’s Cole Siebler had his best night of the year as he methodically made his way up to second after a 4th place start. Jeff had this to say on the winner’s podium. “I thought my bike was awesome the last few weeks, but this week we installed a new Bazzaz ignition system and this bike just might be perfect now.” After three rounds, Gibson now holds a fifteen point lead in the overall AX point championship. Look for the TUF Racing team this weekend in Denver as they try to keep their streak going.

Tuf Racing would love to thank all their sponsors.  American Honda, Cernics, FMF, Wiseco, Thor, Smith, Gaerne, Vortex, KG Clutch, DP Brakes, Renegade Fuels, UFO Plastic, Dunlop, Works Connection, Silkolene, RG3, Scott Venning, Ron Hamp, Motion Pro, Bazzaz and K&N.


Everything’s sano at Miller Mano!


The 2010 racing season was a clean sweep for Twin Air sponsored teams. Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider Ryan Dungey won the Superceross and motocross championships, Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki riders won both the 250 East and the 250 West Supercross titles and Geico Powersports rider Trey Canard took home the 250 National Championship. Twin Air filters are trusted by more champions than all other filter brands combined.

2011 Teams:

Rockstar Makita Suzuki

Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki

Honda Racing

Red Bull KTM

Geico Powersports Honda

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda

Hart & Huntington Dodge Kawasaki

DNA Shred Stix / Star Racing / Yamaha

JDR Racing KTM / BBMX / Palmetto Suzuki

Weinert Racing

Twin Air USA (800)749-2880


Motorex Oil of Switzerland is proud to report that 8 of the 20 Supercross racers in the Los Angeles main event were on Motorex supported teams. Motorex was the best represented oil manufacturer with more riders in the Supercross main than any other oil brand.  We would like to thank all our racers for a great showing.

3. Ryan Dungey, Rockstar Makita Suzuki

8. Brett Metcalfe, Rockstar Makita Suzuki

9. Andrew Short, Red Bull KTM

10. Kyle Chisholm, Motoconcepts Yamaha

15. Tye Simmonds, J-Star JDR KTM

17. Mike Alessi, Red Bull KTM

18. J Thomas, Butler Bros Suzuki

20. Thomas Hahn, Motoconcepts Yamaha

Motores Oil of Switzerland is used by factory teams worldwide, by independent pros and by top amateurs who demand the best performance from their race machines. The complete Motorex line includes a broad range of synthetic engine oils, lubricants, aerosol sprays, cleaners and care products for bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs. Motorex is available at dealerships nationwide. For more info visit or



Returning this year are Rockwell Team riders Landen Powell and Parker Eckman. Both riders will be contesting the the 250 West series where they plan on putting in some solid finishes for the Rockwell team.  In addition to Powell and Eckman, Rockwell is pleased to welcome 450 pilot Sean Borkenhagen. Coming off a great off-season including a win at the inaugural Hart & Huntington Privateer SX Challenge, Sean is looking to do some damage against the insanely stacked 450 field. 

Team rider Jason Potter was looking forward to lining up at A1, however an untimely wrist injury will see him sit out the first of the series. Cole Siebler is also on board this season and will represent Rockwell in Seattle, Salt Lake, and Vegas after he finishes up the AMA Arenacross series.

Along with new riders, Rockwell would also like to announce their new partnership with Edge Products and MBRP exhaust.  Both companies have stepped up and will be supporting the Rockwell/Fire Police MX team throughout the Supercross season and beyond. Founded in 1999, Edge Products has become the premier name for aftermarket performance electronics. Initially, the company was built on its efforts to produce performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. Over the years, however, Edge has expanded its offerings to include cutting-edge products for the gas, truck, and Jeep markets. While Edge has you dialed with performance chips, MBRP offers a full line of exhausts. Marshalling over ten decades of manufacturing and marketing expertise between them, the MBRP design team has developed a line of performance diesel exhaust products that has made the rest of the industry take notice, and rush to catch up.

If you are planning on hitting any of Supercross rounds, be sure to stop by the Rockwell rig, check out our lineup of timepieces, and hang with our crew.  As always, Rockwell would like to thank its team sponsors for their generous support: Fire Police MX, Edge Products, MBRP, ZAGG, XInsurance, Ryno Designs, ARA, Dayt Construction, Tire Pros, Garner D. Jensen Insurance, Dus, Rico Belts, Idol, Shield 4, Kingdom Crown Clothing, J Michael, Game Gear, Fight Legion, Braun Entertainment, RK Chains, Fly Racing, Utah Sports Commission, and Platinum Brigade. Check out all of Rockwell’s watches, athletes, and upcoming events at:


Acerbis is proud to announce its sponsorship of Monster Energy Kawasaki’s and Red Bull KTM’s 2011 roster of Supercross racers. Entering its 15th year of supporting Factory Kawasaki, Acerbis is excited to continue its relationship with Supercross veteran Ryan Villopoto and is excited to welcome aboard 250cc Supercross Champion Jake Weimer. Factory KTM, led by Team Manager Roger DeCoster, is a new addition to the Acerbis family. The talented roster of KTM team riders includes Mike Alessi, MX des Nations team winner Andrew Short, MX des Nations MX2 winner Ken Roczen and defending 450 World GP Champion Marvin Musquin. Acerbis’ sponsored riders will be racing for the checkered flag each week equipped with Acerbis’ new full plastic kits and accessories such as the Spider Evolution Front Disc Cover and Foot Peg Covers.


Do you remember when there used to be a sport called Supermoto?


Dunlop has announced that it is adding to its offroad tire distribution centers by putting distribution centers in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and Corona, California. These two new facilities will allow Dunlop to blanket the entire country in support of Dunlop’s professional racing efforts, as well as the Dunlop’s amateur racing efforts through the Team Dunlop/HookIt support program. With two distribution centers in full swing, Dunlop offroad racing tire support system will help speed shipments as well as reduce shipping costs. The new Corona center will be in full swing this week.

“We are very happy to be able to increase our racing support through the coordination of these two distribution centers,” said Dunlop’s Amateur Motocross Support Manager Primo Marotto. “No other tire company matches our commitment to motocross and off-road racing. Increasing our efficiency was the next step in delivering the best support possible for Dunlop riders.”


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