August 26, 2014
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Marvin Musquin kept his Red Bull KTM low at Glen Helen last Thursday. Check out the roost coming off his rear tire.



“You hate to kind of bag on certain people but John Ayers’ way of doing racetracks is just terrible. I think he should stick to promoting and selling t-shirts and let the track builders and track promoters do their job.” From OTOR —Chad Reed on MX Sports’ John Ayers—the architect of the Smooth Track philosophy.



Roczen_450 National Title

Winning isn’t easy, especially when there are 39 other guys trying to knock you off the track. Germany’s Ken Roczen stayed the course and emerged victorious outdoors in what was the toughest battle of his career. It looked like Roczen was cracking under the championship pressure, especially after Unadilla when his lead was a mere seven point gap over teammate Ryan Dungey. However, Kenny rebounded in the mud at Indiana. The 2014 AMA 450 National title is all Ken Roczen. Congrats to Kenny and the Red Bull KTM team.


matriximgThe Matrix crew.

1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Trey Canard (Matrix)
4. Brett Metcalfe (Matrix)
5. Eli Tomac (Matrix)
6. Andrew Short (Matrix)
7. Weston Peick
8. Josh Grant (Matrix)
9. James Stewart (Matrix)
10. Fredrik Noren (Matrix)

1. Jeremy Martin (Matrix)
2. Blake Baggett
3. Cooper Webb (Matrix)
4. Marvin Musquin
5. Justin Bogle (Matrix)
6. Christophe Pourcel (Matrix)
7. Jason Anderson (Matrix)
8. Cole Seely (Matrix)
9. Jessy Nelson (Matrix)
10. Dean Wilson


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_18J9989We began testing the 2015 Suzuki RM-Z250 this past week. That’s Sean Lipanovich getting low on the ‘Zook. The camera is tilted, but Sean is way down there.

The MXA wrecking crew has been busy this past week. After wrapping up the latest issue we headed out to Glen Helen for some prime testing opportunities. You’ll be pleased to hear that we spent time on the 2015 Suzuki RM-Z250 and ’15 Husqvarna FC250. This past weekend Jody went to his normal stomping grounds at REM and raced, despite a recent bout of sickness. Daryl had testing to do at Comp Edge. Dennis Stapleton baby-sat his Brazilian freestyle friends. Wednesday we all went to Cahuilla Creek to start testing the 2015 Yamaha YZ450F (Jody didn’t go because he didn’t want to go up in altitude—he probably went to some place at sea level, like the beach). As for me,  I am waiting for a big package to arrive.

DEBBImaxim2Would you race if you had pneumonia? Jody (192) would, and did on Saturday. That is three-time Over-60 World Champ Bill Maxim next to him. No excuses, but some serious wheezing.

_18J9539Daryl Ecklund got down on the 2015 Husqvarna FC250 this weekend at Competitive Edge. He was testing the RM-Z250 and Husky FC250. Plus, you can see the videos here.

Dennis Stapleton rode REM practice, but jetted out of Glen Helen before the racing began. Stapo had a date with Tijiuana on Saturday evening, where he watched XPilots (freestyle motocross). I’m half surprised that Dennis didn’t get thrown in jail in Mexico, given his joy for causing debauchery

WWBASHERAs for me? This photo was taken last week, but I didn’t race this past weekend because I was busy getting things in order for the arrival of my second son, Declan. My new little bundle of joy is set to make an appearance in less than two weeks. I’ll be back on the no sleeping program. Yay!


Ferris928Dean Ferris.

Husqvarna has confirmed that Australian Dean Ferris will finish out the FIM World Championship in the 450 class as part of the IceOne Husqvarna team. Ferris had signed to race in the USA in 2014, but got hurt early in the Supercross season and never raced in the AMA Nationals, which is what he was really hired to do.

Instead, KTM lent Ferris to Husqvarna after Todd Waters and Tyla Rattry were injured. Ferris earned a sixth overall in Finland on a FC350. Now, with Waters still recuperating and Rattray released from his contract, Ferris gets to stay at IceOne. KTM’s lend-lease move was in Ferris’ best interest because KTM wasn’t going to renew his American contract for 2015 and by sending him to Europe he has a chance of impressing a team and getting a ride for next year.



With a knack for picking champions, Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki may have picked another with Chris Alldredge. While never a dominating amateur, Alldredge showed enough promise to attract the attention of Team Green. After Loretta Lynn’s a month ago, Chris joined fellow AMA pro rookies RJ Hampshire (Geico Honda), and Luke Renzland ( Rock River Yamaha) to make his pro debut at Unadilla. After his impressive sixth overall (5-8) at Miller Raceway this past weekend in Utah, we talked to Chris.

By Jim Kimball

MXA: Chris, where did you think that you would fit in coming into the pro ranks?

Chris: I actually didn’t have any expectations. I had raced Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin as an amateur, but I didn’t know what to expect. I had never raced guys like Dean Wilson, Blake Baggett, Marvin Musquin, or Christophe Pourcel. I took a second and a third at Loretta Lynn’s and would have loved to do better there. Coming into Unadilla I just tried to do the best that I could. The top guys here are all paid professionals. They do what I do, but they are probably more strict than I have been. They are prepared; this is their life and what they do. I’m just getting my pro life started, and I wanted to come out and just do my best. I was 8th overall, 14th overall, and now 6th overall. I am very happy. It took a lot out of me, and I learned that I have a lot of training to do. I’m happy with how I did and kind of sad that the season is over. I would have liked to race one more round.

You must be pretty stoked to come off the track and realize that you had taken sixth overall at Utah.

It was really kind of a surreal moment. During that first moto I had not really paid a lot of attention to my pit board. Then I noticed that I was behind Marvin (Musquin) and realized that he’s no slouch, so I must be doing pretty well. So I looked at my mechanic then, and the board said that I was in fifth. I think that I may have gotten a little nervous halfway through that second moto and made a few mistakes that let them get away. The pace that those guys run at the front is amazing. I have to admit that the moto took a bit out of me. I really couldn’t be more honored racing those guys that have so many wins and championships, especially being a part of the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. The guys here have so many championships, and to be riding with two guys that have championships is a big honor.

Speaking of that, the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team is probably the most prestigious 250 team to be on. Was it overwhelming to come into it?

I felt right at ease with the team. I came in having talked to Dean and Blake a few times, and I knew a couple of the mechanics. They treated me like family right from the get go. They are a very hard working group of guys that expect results, but they did not put any pressure on me at all. I really believe that this team puts in twenty times more work than what many of the others do. I am very excited to spend the next two years with them.


How did your deal with the team work out? Had you signed with them as an amateur?

Last October I was sitting on the couch with a torn ACL. I was 18 at the time and wondering if being a professional motocross rider was really an option for me. I really didn’t know if I was going to race or go to college. But then I got a call from Ryan Holiday over at Team Green. He said, “I want to give you a shot.” It was pretty emotional when he said that to me, as I had a couple of pretty bad years with injuries. That decided my mind right there, and I said, “Yes, I am going to give this a go.” Team Green put a lot of work into this program, as well as me, and that is what got me here. I cannot thank the Team Green guys enough. They work very hard. It’s just like a factory program. Without Ryan Holiday I definitely wouldn’t be here.

This is likely a pretty stereotypical question, but I feel that I have to ask you. What is the biggest difference in racing the top amateur riders to racing the top pro riders?

I do get asked that question a lot. The biggest difference is that in the pro ranks everyone wants to win, whether it’s the 40th place rider or the first place rider. In the amateur ranks a lot of guys are just happy to be near the front, and to have made it. Here in the pro ranks they are all paid professionals, and they know how to race a motorcycle. All their goals are to go out and win, and they will do whatever they can to win. Everyone has respect for each other, but if you are trying to make a pass, and they can take you wide, they will. Everyone fights for each place!

You didn’t really have the “standout” amateur career, did you?

No, I sure didn’t. I was kind of a nobody. I was always kind of second fiddle to Adam (Cianciarulo) and Cooper (Webb). My parents helped me so much, and they really worked their butts off to get me here. So when I turned 18 I told them that it was time for them to take a vacation from racing. I felt that since I was 18 that it was my turn to take responsibility to make this happen. It’s great to have them here, and now enjoying it, rather than worrying about getting me to the races. It’s cool to see my family here with smiles on their faces, as they put in so much hard work to get me to this level.

Much of the media has made a big deal about the rivalry that you may have with RJ Hampshire, who dominated at Loretta Lynn’s. Is there one between you two?

I’m not going to lie to you. I know at the end of the day we all look at results to see who did better. That’s how it is. It’s not a rivalry, though. It’s just that we all want to do better than the guys that we are coming in with. RJ took it to all of us at Loretta’s. He was just on a different level. Now in the pro’s it’s on a different level. I am excited that I was the top rookie in all three pro races, but both RJ and Luke will get better with time and experience. It wouldn’t shock me to have all three of us fighting for our first championship as a pro some day.

Let’s finish up with your plans for the off-season.

I’ll be doing a lot of testing and figuring stuff out. We will get better, and hopefully come out swing at whatever Supercross coast I ride. I’ll work on getting settled in more, and be ready for 2015!


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The 2015 Lucas Oil AMA National schedule was released this past week. What’s the big news for next year?

_7140129Glen Helen is no longer first on the schedule.

(1) Staying put. Not since the 2011 National series has the race schedule held the same rounds as the year prior. From 2012 through this year MX Sports has been in a transition period – first with the addition of Lake Elsinore in place of Pala, followed by adding Muddy Creek and Utah, removing Steel City and Southwick, but returning to Glen Helen. The 2015 schedule will visit the same venues that it did in 2014, only not in the same order.

(2) The prize for being first. Holding the opening round of a race series is prestigious. This year Glen Helen earned the distinction of being number one, but that won’t be the case in 2015. Hangtown takes the first spot, while Glen Helen falls to second. What’s the reasoning? I care not to speculate, but Glen Helen and Hangtown have switched being the first round before and neither seems to care whether they are first or second. Muddy Creek and High Point have also switched weekends. Budds Creek comes before Red Bud. And, in a move that baffles me, Indiana is the final race of the series and Utah is the penultimate (by the way, penultimate is the most over-used word in racing) round. Why am I surprised that MX Sports switched Utah and Indiana? Doing so will tack on approximately 1400 miles from the team rigs. That’s the cost of doing business.

(3) Back at it. There was a two weekend gap this year between the end of Supercross and the start of the Nationals. That’s no longer the case. The racers will have one weekend off before heading outdoors next year.

(4) Time off. This year the 2014 series had two weekends off. The 2015 schedule has three weekend breaks, so while there’s one weekend less to prepare for the start of the Nationals, the racers will have more time to breathe once things get going.

2015 National Schedule

May 16……Hangtown…Sacramento, CA
May 23……Glen Helen…San Bernardino, CA
May 30……Thunder Valley…Lakewood, CO
June 6…….Muddy Creek…Blountville, TN
June 13……High Point…Mt. Morris, PA
June 27……Budds Creek…Mechanicsville, MD
July 4………Red Bud…Buchanan, MI.
July 18…….Millville…Millville, MN
July 25…….Washougal…Washougal, WA
August 8….Unadilla…New Berlin, NY
August 15…Miller Motrsports…Tooele, UT
August 22…Indiana…Crawfordsville, IN.



Dear Friends and Family,

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Prior to lining up for his first race of 2014, Joey Savatgy had been off the scene for almost a full year. Dealing with a couple serious injuries, the 20-year-old actually crashed a week before the outdoor season began at Glen Helen, which delayed his season debut until Hangtown. Still riding injured, Savatgy eventually caught up to where he was finishing inside the top ten. The 2013 Supercross Rookie of the Year even finished second overall in the Indiana mud two weeks ago. We caught up with Joey at the series finale in Utah, where he finished seventh on the day and 11th overall in the point standings. 

By Jim Kimball

MXA: Joey, you were injured earlier this year, but these last couple Nationals you have been showing some good speed.

Joey: I’m finally back to 100 percent. You know, for being out of racing that long, you really miss a lot. So my main goal has been to get back into the routine, getting the feeling back, and riding up front with the rest of the guys. I feel like I have gotten better the past few weeks. A lot of what has helped me is getting my confidence back. So it’s been good, but it does kind of stink to get the ball rolling this late in the season. I guess that it’s better late than never.

The mental aspect of racing must be as important as the physical aspect.

Being in shape physically is obviously important, but I think that being mentally able to run up front is just as important. I think that’s what has been missing from me this summer…until the past couple weeks. You just need to tell yourself that you are just as fast as the guys winning. It’s a big deal for me to line up at the gate knowing that I am just as good as these guys.

How are things within the Rockstar Energy Racing team?

It’s great. We all get along well. The injuries have made it a little difficult, but everyone has been pumped with how well we have been progressing. I’m on the east coast at the Millsaps Training Facility, Jason (Anderson) is in California, and Ryan (Sipes) is in Kentucky. We are all doing our own things, but at the beginning of the season Jason and I were both on the west coast. When we are at the races like now, we all talk some smack to each other and have a good time.


What are your plans for next year? I hear that you’re on the bubble with whether you’re going to be signed by the Rockstar Energy Racing team for next year. 

Well, I can tell you that we are negotiating right now. There are a few offers out there, but as far as anything on paper, I don’t have anything at this time. This team (Rockstar) has offered me something, as have some other people. At the end of the day, it comes down to my career, and what is the best for me. I just want something that will benefit my career the most. I think that in the next few weeks the cat will be out of the bag.

I was recently talking to Christophe Pourcel about what he looks for in a team offer. He said that it’s not the money, but the overall support, such as the bikes, mechanics, and sponsors.

Money makes the world go around, and that’s what you live on. But in the same breath, if you take more money to be on what may be an inferior team, you are just doing it for money. That’s the way things are with me, and the teams that I am talking to. Money obviously is important, but at the same time I need to look at my future and see what is going to suit me the best. I want to keep improving and get some wins. When you get up at the top, and are getting race wins and championships then you can think a bit more about the financial end. At this time I just want to focus on where I can feel at home, and where I will have the best chances.



We salute the riders that earned a moto victory this summer


_18J4251Ken Roczen (8 motos)

_7141946Ryan Dungey (6 motos)

_HAN1823Trey Canard (4 motos)

_HAN0680James Stewart (3 motos)

_18J4307Eli Tomac (2 motos)

_7140033Josh Grant (1 moto)


_HAN3453Jeremy Martin (10 motos)

_18J1937Blake Baggett (5 motos)

_HAN2931Marvin Musquin (3 motos)

_HAN3045Cooper Webb (3 motos)

_18J4836Christophe Pourcel (1 moto)

_HAN2084Jessy Nelson (1 moto)

_7141309Jason Anderson (1 moto)


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Press release: Some of the nation’s top pro and amateur motocross racers will converge on Soaring Eagle Resort & Casino Sat., Aug. 30, 2014, for the inaugural running of the Edge of Summer MX event, featuring an appearance by the all-time winningest motocross racer, Ricky “RC” Carmichael, along with his RCH Racing business partner and freestyle MX legend Carey Hart!

Featuring 22 amateur classes, from 18+ to 60+ in novice to expert classes, racing on the Carmichael-designed, Mark Barnett “Bomberbuilt” and RedBud (Mich.) MX-built track on the Soaring Eagle grounds, the Edge of Summer MX event will rock the central Michigan action sports scene to its core with an entire day – and night, under the lights – of motocross racing action.

“The Edge of Summer MX event at Soaring Eagle is another epic collaboration from RCH Racing, RedBud and Soaring Eagle – a spectacular event in-the-making,” said Wendy Reeve, CEO Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. “With RCH Racing and RedBud sharing their exemplary talent and genius with the sport of motocross, Soaring Eagle is thrilled to unveil a challenging, custom-designed motocross track on our property – complete with a $50,000 purse, a quality field of racers, merchandise, food and fun for the entire family for only twenty bucks!”

Winding around the Soaring Eagle grounds – in the same area where they raced the AMSOIL Championship Snocross (snowmobile) event this past winter – the Edge of Summer MX event promises to be an entire day of motorsports entertainment, culminating with one of the Midwest’s largest pro purse races of the summer … under the lights and high above the Soaring Eagle grounds.

“Words can’t describe how thrilled we are for Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort to experience our first action-packed motocross race on property!” said Raul Venegas, Director of Marketing and Entertainment at Soaring Eagle. “I’m personally looking forward to the inaugural ‘Edge of Summer MX’ weekend. I’ve been keeping an eye on the designers, dirt movers and builders while they’ve developed the track. With each new mound and jump created, I get visions of the riders catching air while racing at top speeds in our own backyard. It’s an exciting venture to be a part of. I’m looking forward to a large crowd of spectators out here to watch the wide spectrum of skill levels racing all day Saturday. The Edge of Summer MX event wouldn’t be possible without the partnership and collaborative efforts of RCH, RedBud MX and the entire Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort family.

“Golf benefiting charity, great music and moto…there’s something for everyone on this amazing weekend at Soaring Eagle!”

Throughout the day fans will be able meet and greet with Carmichael and Hart, posing for photos and getting autographs from two of the most well-known action sports stars in the world. Partnering with Soaring Eagle, Carmichael and Hart – along with RedBud MX, the world’s premier MX track (located right here in Michigan) – have combined on what should prove to be an incredible and most memorable day/night of motorsports action right in the heart of the state!

What: Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort’s inaugural pro/vet motocross event

When: Saturday, Aug. 30th

Time: Saturday practice begins at 8 a.m., amateur class racing begins at 9:30 a.m. Pro class practice begins at 6 p.m. followed by racing – under the lights – Saturday night.

Where: Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

Who: The Midwest’s top pro and vet motocross racers, along with a bunch of fast kids!

Tickets: Just $20!

More information: and



For more info go to



Press release: Following an exciting unveiling at the Zions Bank Utah National over the weekend, AXO America proudly presents its 2015 gear line-up. This is just the first release of three that will be introduced throughout 2015, thus always keeping the designs fresh and new. This release includes our Motion line in Orange/Gray and Green/Blue and our Trans-Am line in Gray/Red and a fully vented set of White/Blue. The Motion and Trans-Am lines will be available in late September to purchase. Jerseys come in sizes S-XXL and pant sizes 28-42.

To see more photos and sign up to receive updates please visit

Photo credits: KTM, Pro Circuit, John Basher, Debbi Tamietti, Chris Alamangos


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