May 23, 2010
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Dear MXA,
    I read where DC said the new Florida Senate Bill 2440 means that under 18-years-old riders can race in Florida. This law was what caused the AMA 18-year-old rule and, now that it is gone, what is the status of the AMA’s 18-year-old rule (for 2011) and 17-year-old rule (for 2010)? Is it going to be enforced? Will Adam Cianiarulo have to move to Europe? Can Roczen and Herlings move to America?

15-year-old GP winner Jeffrey Herlings will be racing at the USGP…and probably a stadium near you next year.

    From what we have been told by Mitch Payton and Ryan Villopoto, the 17-year-old and 18-year-old AMA rules will be dropped…and dropped very soon. This means that 15-year-old Grand Prix riders Jeffrey Herlings and now 16-year-old Ken Roczen will be free to move to America and race (once Herlings turns 16 on September 12, 2010). Additionally, Cianiarulo doesn’t have to move to Europe…unless he likes warm Coke. The unfortunate thing is that when the AMA 18-year-old rule was announced, many riders and teams made plans based on the riders having to be older?some of those plans may not be reversible.

   Many people were led to believe that the age change was for educational purposes (to keep kids in school), but that was just spin. With the Florida law going away, race promoters are no longer liable (because parent consent releases will be recognized).

   There is a caveat: As with all AMA rules, you never know what will happen once it gets to the implementation stage back in Ohio.

16-year-old Ken Roczen has already announced that he wants to move to America.


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