February 12, 2016
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By Kyoshi Becker

Main-Events_Supercross_San-Diego30699-1PRE-RACE ROUNDUP

Tomorrow is the last Southern California race of the Supercross season. With more than a third of the races complete, the field becomes tougher for the riders that couldn’t get points in the first five races. Competitors in the 450 class have the luxury of more races to catch up to the leaders, while the 250 class, separated into East and West divisions, only have a few more races in the West before the season finale in Las Vegas.

Basic Stats

  1. The 2016 Supercross series is just over a third of the way complete at 35.3 percent.
  2. 2016 is the first year a Supercross race has been held twice in San Diego. It replaced Anaheim 3 in the previous schedule.
  3. Supercross has not had a champion from the San Diego area since 1988 when Rick Johnson took the number one plate in both the 250 and 500 class.
  4. Trevor Reis (250 Class) is the only rider from the San Diego area competing in the 2016 Supercross season. He stands 20th in point standings with a total of 18 points.


450 Class

  1. Eli Tomac has turned the fastest lap time in the 450 class more times than any other racer, but has only made the podium once.
  2. Ryan Dungey has made the podium every race and has the most wins to date. Dungey is also 21 points ahead of Ken Roczen, who sits second.
  3. Renowned trainer, Aldon Baker has had three of his current riders make the podium this season; Jason Anderson, Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin.
  4. The riders on the podium in San Diego for round six in the 2015 season were (in this order) Trey Canard, Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey.

Best Lap Times

  • Anaheim 1 – Tomac 1:01.954.
  • San Diego 1 – Dungey 48.794.
  • Anaheim 2 – Tomac 57.202.
  • Oakland – Dungey 53.229.
  • Glendale -Tomac 1:02.602.


250 Class

  1. The second fastest lap time at Anaheim 1 in the main event was a mere 0:00.005 apart from each other which was Cooper Webb at a 1:01.392 while Jessy Nelson turned a 1:01.397.
  2. While Cooper Webb dominated the first three races, Joey Savatgy equals him on having an overall of 98 points. This will result in two competitors on the gate having a red plate on their bikes this weekend.
  3.  Of the five previous races, Team Geico Honda has holeshoted four of them. Last Saturday they both got the holeshot (Jimmy Decotis) and the number one spot on the podium (Christian Craig).
  4. Twice this season has a 250 rider completed a faster lap time in the main event than the fastest 450 rider.
  5. Possibly one of the most riveting races this season happened in San Diego where underdog Christian Craig was able to pass defending champion Cooper Webb, seven times in one race.

Best Lap Times

  • Anaheim 1 – Webb 1:01.392.
  • San Diego 1 – Webb 49.360.
  • Anaheim 2 – Webb 57.597.
  • Oakland – Alldredge 45.003.
  • Glendale – Webb 1:03.650.


450 Class

James Stewart- Out due to concussion.
Justin Barcia-  Injured thumb.
Dean Wilson- Out for the 2016 season with a torn ACL and meniscus.
Broc Tickle- Recovering from a broken wrist.
Kyle Chisholm- Recovering from a broken humerus, dislocated shoulder and concussion.
Adam Enticknap- Snapped his femur last week in practice.
Dusty Pipes- Like Chisholm, he is recovering from both a broken humerus and dislocated shoulder.
Tyler Enticknap- Broke his thumb at the first San Diego round.
Vann Martin- An injured collarbone has kept him off the bike.
Off the bench-  Andrew Short, Trey Canard, Justin Bogle and Blake Baggett all may be on the gate tomorrow.

250 Class

Zach Bell- Out with a broken collarbone.
Jesse Nelson- Still recovering from a shoulder injury and concussion.
Adam Cianciarulo- Broken wrist.
Shane McElrath- Broken wrist.
Luke Clout- Broke his femur in Oakland during practice.
Matt Bisceglia- Fractured his collarbone.
Nick Gaines- Recovering from a broken femur.
Mark Worth – He dislocated a hip and broken his elbow on the first lap of practice at Anaheim 1.



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