June 16, 2014
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2015 SUZUKI DR-Z200

Press release: The new 2015 Suzuki DR200S features significant updates to make it a more stylish, more comfortable and more versatile DualSport motorcycle. For 2015, this 199cc DualSport gets RM-Z-inspired styling, lead by Champion Yellow bodywork, plus a newly shaped seat that integrates naturally with the bike’s redesigned fuel tank. Riders will enjoy increased comfort for street rides, and better cornering control on the dirt. The ergonomics redesign also makes the DR200S a better fit to a wider range of riders. The DR’s 3.4-gallon fuel tank and 105 mpg estimated fuel economy* will keep riders enjoying the bike instead of filling the gas tank.
DR200S_BLK_L5_P.ashxThe air-cooled four-stroke engine is compact, helping keep the bike light and maneuverable, yet it makes ample torque to handle dirt trails, plus smooth top-end power that allows confident open-road riding. The cylinder is plated with the same Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) that helps keep so many Suzuki motorcycle engines strong and lightweight. Add front disc brakes, pre-load adjustable rear suspension, and push-button electric start, and you have a DualSport bike that is ready for any day of riding. With an industry-leading MSRP of $4499, the 2015 Suzuki DR200S – available in Yellow and in Black – is an affordable way to enjoy motorcycling on a wide variety of roads and trails.

2015 SUZUKI DR-Z125

DRZ125L_L5.ashxPress release: The Suzuki DR-Z125L returns for 2015; its 124cc four-stroke engine and 19-inch front wheel with front disc brakes provide an inviting off-road ride for a wide range of enthusiasts. In Champion Yellow, the DR-Z125L delivers the aggressive style of the RM-Z motocross bikes, with a friendly suggested retail price of $3199.


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