Glen Helen’s REM Becomes First Sanction Body to Require Neck Rolls or Neck Braces

March 12, 2007
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The REM races, held at SoCal’s Glen Helen Raceway, are the first in the country to require minicycle riders to wear next rolls or neck braces. The rule has been added to the REM rule book in much the same way that helmets, gloves, goggles and long sleeve jerseys are required. Beginning last weekend, March 10, 2007, all the riders in the 65cc, 85cc and 150cc Youth classes are required to wear neck protection (either a neck roll type device or a LeattÿBrace).ÿ

There is a common belief within the motorcycle industry that some form of neck protection should be made mandatory in the NMA, AMA, NESC, CRC, CMC, GNC, GFI and other amateur racing–specifically in the youth classes. If a rider starts wearing a neck device at a young age, he is likely to continue to wear it throughout his racing career (witness Ryan Villopoto and Davi Millsaps).

To facilitate this rule change, REM has a supply of EVS RC3 neck rolls available for minicycle racers who do not own one (and they have hosted a Leatt ride day where REM racers were given the opportunity to try out the new technology). At REM, should the parent of a minicycle rider choose not to have his kid wear a neck roll or brace, REM has a waiver for the parent to sign stating that they do not wish their child to use such a device.
Leatt brace.

Although REM is not stating that neck braces will prevent injuries, they believe that, as with helmets, boots, gloves and long sleeve jerseys, the extra protection against roost, handlebars, hot exhausts and crashes is worth wearing. REM recommends that racers of all ages use whatever technology is available to lessen the severity of injuries. REM deserves credit for making an effort to try and make their races and racers safer.

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