August 8, 2014
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MXA SEPT 2014On the cover is a rebuilt 2008 Honda CRF450 that is as good as anything on the track.

MXA SEPT 2014 MXPERTSThe answers to all your question. Who else are you going to ask?

MXA SEPT 2014 TEAM TESTEDThe Scalvini twin is as exotic as they come.

MXA SEPT 2014 METCALFEBrett talks about his new lease on life at Kawasaki and how Canada helped.

MXA SEPT 2014 MPACYou can be hot and bothered or cool and collected.

MXA SEPT 2014 CLASSIC BULTACOIf you had raced in 1969 and were adept at sliding corners, this would have been your machine.

MXA SEPT 2014 BOOT GUIDEWe show you the 12 best boots, (with a starting price over $350).

MXA SEPT 2014 DREAM JOBSThese three guys are the smartest men in the room — at least in this month’s volume of Dream Jobs.

MXA SEPT 2014 CR450 2008It is no secret that the 2008 Honda CRF450 was better than the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 CRF450. The MXA wrecking crew started from scratch to built a great Honda. It helped that we started with a great Honda.

MXA SEPT 2014 JODY 350SXFWant to know everything there is to know about making the KTM 350SXF better—without busting the bank. Okay, we always spend too much money, but we are doing it for you — we get no joy out of it.

MXA SEPT 2014 WE RIDE ALEX MARTINYamaha has it going on in the 2014 AMA 250 Nationals —and Alex Martin’s Cycle Trader race bike proves it.

MXA SEPT KTM 450How good are the 4CS forks? Is the new rising rate any good? Is the 2015 KTM 450SXF a winner or warmed over toast? We tell you the answers to these questions and lots more.

MXA SEPT 2014 GRAND PRIXWe aren’t fans of the way Giuseppe Luongo runs the GP series, but we love the riders — like Jeremy Van Horebeek (shown here in our Grand Prix photo pictorial).

MXA SEPT 2014 HANGTOWNThe Nationals haven’t been the Ken Roczen show, but he has had top billing on the marquee more times than anyone else.


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