March 18, 2012
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The track, the crowd, the fireworks.                                               Hoppenworld

(1) Indy 450 winner Ryan Villopoto has a 54 point lead on second place in the points…and second is Ryan Dungey (who is out of the series). Ryan V has 69 points on James Stewart. The 2012 Supercross season is kind of like human bowling..with each roll more pins get knocked down. This week it was Stewart’s turn, before that Reed, and before that Canard…there is only one pin left now.

(2) When Stewart crashed out of his heat race, he cooled off any chance of a title chase. Stewart reportedly suffered a concussion. Now, Ryan Villopoto can just ride around and win the title. With six races left, Villopoto can lose 11 points a week for the next six weeks and still win the title. That means that every week that Villopoto finishes sixth or better he is on his way to the million dollar bonus (plus points fund money). There is incentive to win races (as opposed to riding around) and that incentive is a $100,000 bonus per Supercross win. The next closest active rider in the points chase (after Stewart), Davi Millsaps, sits 98 points back (which is just two points shy of being four races behind RV…with only six races to go.

Davi is a real-deal player, although he is just 2 points of being four complete races behind the points leader with only six races to go.

(3) With Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Josh Hansen, Ivan Tedesco, Trey Canard and Tommy Hahn all out with injuries?lots of riders, those still healthy, will start to have better results. They might even get credit for riding better…but really it is a game of attrition.

(4) Did Mike Alessi move over in the air on Kevin Windham? Did Justin Barcia move over in the air on Blake Wharton (Wharton’s revenge was to win the 250 main)? You bet they did, but in Supercross almost everything is kosher unless a French rider does it. Poor K-Dub. First, he got tangled up in James Stewart’s messed-up incident in the his heat race, then, he got taken out while trying to pass Alessi.

Ken Roczen (70) was on a different playing field all night long, sadly he would end up laying on the same playing field. Hoppenworld

(5) Poor Ken Roczen. He is winning the first start of the 250 East on to have it red flagged on lap five while the Asterisk crew worked on crasher Kyle Cunningham. The race is red flagged…and Kyle Cunningham got up an walked away. The restart is a first in Supercross. It is a staggered start with the rider in the position that they were on lap four (it would have been a behind the gate restart if it happened before three laps were completed). Roczen, who gave up a big lead when the red flag came out, immediately got his big lead back…only to fall down on the slick Indy dirt. He whiskey throttled over his bike over a jump in a classic ghost ride. Ken might have been able to salvage some points, but the ghost ride damaged his KTM. He ended up 16th.

(6) Blake Baggett looks like a good bet to win the 250 outdoor Nationals, but he isn’t going to win the 250 East. After a brilliant ride at Daytona, which is a good test of outdoor speed, he was back to being easy pickin’s for the riders he’s suppose to beat. Hey, being the outdoor favorite is still pretty good.

The real Brett Metcalfe showed up at Indy… It’s been a long season for Yoshimura Suzuki so far.

(7) Malcolm Stewart shares one gene with his brother?the crash gene. He didn’t qualify and his last corner ram for the LCQ last spot went about as well as his famous Justin Bogle take-out move. If you are going to make a “pickup pass,” it doesn’t work if you are the only guy picking up your bike.

(8) Justin Barcia was never going to win in Indy, from the moment the gate dropped he was out of contention. The staggered start helped him crack the podium (also aided by Roczen’s brain fade crash).

(9) Nico Izzi came back to reclaim his Yamaha from fill-in rider Weston Peick. Peick returned to his Kawasaki. Guess what? Peick made the top ten…Izzi didn’t.

(10) In the 250 East there were 7 Hondas, 5 KTMs, 4 Kawasakis, 2 Suzukis and 2 Yamahas. When was the last time there were more KTM’s in an AMA Pro race than RM-Zs, KX-F or YZ-Fs?

Dazed and confused.


1. Ryan Villopoto…Kaw
2. Justin Brayton…Hon  
3. Davi Millsaps…Yam  
4. Brett Metcalfe…Suz
5. Cole Seely…Hon
6. Mike Alessi…Suz
7. Marvin Musquin…KTM
8. Broc Tickle…Kaw
9. Weston Peick…Kaw
10. Nico Izzi…Yam
11. Josh Grant…Kaw
12. Justin Sipes…Kaw
13. Bobby Kiniry…Yam  
14. Matt Goerke…Suz
15. Jeff Alessi…Suz
16. Kyle Regal…Kaw
17. Ryan Clark…Kaw
18. Kevin Windham…Hon   
19. Gavin Faith…Hon  
20. Kyle Chisholm…Kaw

1. Blake Wharton…Suz
2. Darryn Durham…Kaw
3. Justin Barcia…Hon  
4. Blake Baggett…Kaw
5. Jake Canada…Hon  
6. Justin Bogle…Hon  
7. Matt Lemoine…Kaw
8. Tyler Bowers…Kaw
9. Les Smith…KTM
10. Shawn Rife…Hon
11. Angelo Pellegrini…Suz
12. Kyle Peters…Yam
13. Shane Sewell…KTM
14. P.J. Larsen…KTM
15. Alex Martin…Hon  
16. Ken Roczen…KTM.
17. Tommy Weeck…Hon
18. Kelly Smith…KTM
19. Bradley Ripple…Hon
20. Kyle Cunningham…Yam

Cole Seely proves that there are several 250 East/West riders who could be players in the 450 class. Kardas

(After 10 of 17 races)

1. Ryan Villopoto…246
2. Ryan Dungey …192  
3. James Stewart…177
4. Davi Millsaps…151  
5. Kevin Windham…146
6. Justin Brayton…143
7. Brett Metcalfe…142
8. Jake Weimer…134
9. Chad Reed…128
10. Mike Alessi…128
11. Broc Tickle…95
12. Kyle Chisholm…92
13. Josh Hansen…87
14. Nick Wey…76
15. Andrew Short…59
16. Matt Goerke…45
17. Marvin Musquin…44
18. Bobby Kinery…40
19. Weston Peick…39
20. Cole Seely…37

(After 5 of 8 races)

1. Justin Barcia…120
2. Darryn Durham…98
3. Blake Wharton…97
4. Blake Baggett…80
5. Ken Roczen…80
6. Jake Canada…72
7. Justin Bogle…61
8. Kyle Cunningham..43
9. Malcolm Stewart…42
10. P.J. Larsen…38
11. Alex Martin…35
12. Matt Lemoine…34
13. Les Smith…34
14. Cole Thompson…32
15. Hunter Hewitt…31
16. Shane Sewell…28
17. Tyler Bowers…21
18. Lance Vincent…21
19. Phil Nicoletti…19
20. Shawn Rife…17


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